A Deadly Tip for Team Mafisi.....From the Memoirs of an Old Cassanova

From Klist to this site, I have read of many of your efforts to get quick pussy - mostly in dingy, downtown brothels where you can catch ebola or some unknown viral disease, or get robbed and gang-raped.

I once was a thirsy as you. [SIZE=6]BUT I HAD ONE SUREFIRE strategy THAT NEVER FAILED ME[/SIZE], which I want to share with you. Hell, I still do use it.

Here it is:

  1. Rent an SQ somewhere, like South B.

  2. Instal a bed, meko and some cutlery (total cost 8,000/=. Consider that as seed money, ha ha ha ha!)

  3. Make friends with about 10 mamas who run housegal bureaus, especially those in Rongai, Kiserian, Kitengela and such other diaspora. To ensure your friendship is fruitful, be sending the mamas random 100/= credit (a total of about 3k a month).

  4. Ask the mamas to refer to you the beautiful desperate 'housegals" to you at a fee of say, 500/=

  5. Instal the housegal of your choice at the SQ, having first reached an arrangement that her job is to SERVICE you. You will pay her 6k at the end of each month, which works to about 200/= per day - a super bargain.

  6. Ferk her any time you want, no questions asked.

  7. When you get bored, sack her.

  8. Repeat from 4 above.

  9. Ferk endlessly and die a happy old man. No brothel visits, no risks, just free sex fro about 300/= a day (including food).



Kama ni 1963 ingekua possible. A single simple bed and mattress is 20k alone


um., huh… thats pretty lame I think. For me if I need Pu$$y, i just go to these sex starved college girls forget Uni girls go to chicks in colleges like Nibs, Nairobi Aviation, put your A-Game on a tap out

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Siku hizi wanaitishanga 2k per referral and you are not sure that she will last till end month.

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kulipa house girl below 10k will get you jailed for 3 months

Plus hiyo food 300 x 30 = 9000
credit = 3000
referal (optimistic) = 1000
servicing = 6000
Running total for pussy per month = 39,000/=
not including fees for transport, contraceptives, possible abortion fees, elec, water na pesa ya nyewele.

This is a stupid plan to say the least


Hehehehe…well laid out!

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izo ni expenses mob sana
there is a fisi saying that goes like
there is nothing sweeter than a new pussy :smiley:


Hesabu kama hii ya mzee ndiyo itafanya afe maskini

as @Diffre will say, nothing beats a new pussy

Are you not forgetting most of those desperate girls looking for employment as housegirls are usually class 8 or form four leavers from poor families. Where is your conscience when you are taking advantage of such girls?


I prefer hand picking them myself…many factors come into play when picking a shagmate, sio sura pekee

I don’t understand this phrase…u mean rape?

I think anamaanisha hiyo 6K per month ni kama mshahara so ajisughulikie kazi ya fossil ni ku park wheel chair hapo nje na to crawl in for some lousy seconds then shoot the rusty cum all oer her face and pussy, tell her yo get a tetanus injection, then he crawls back to his home


That’s almost rape coz she comes expecting employment kumbe tu Ni fisi inataka tu cheap sex. I think there’s also something in the penal code about tricking someone into sex under false promises/pretence.

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True True …:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

This is a stupid plan. you manga her shoti moja kwa wiki then leave her sex hungry all week. Atamangwa na all the watchmen and houseboys mpate aids nyinyi wote.

Too many strings attached

Thank you but lemmi just walk into a brothel once in a while.
No strings attached, no future expenses, no Stinker …

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