"A Daunting Journey" billionaire Jeremiah Kiereini Autobio...

I got this book from TBC last week…nice read giving an insight in Post independence Kenyattta’s Elite who are today’s billionaire tycoons…though Kiereini is quite economical with facts well it’s a nice read…there was really a big fight between the Nyeri/ Muranga elite Vs the Kiambu elite fronted by Njonjo…there is a place where tycoon Harun Muturi who was the In law to JM kariuki told Kierieni to his face

Thii ukere murumegwo Njonjo ninii ndoiga (Go tell your husband Njonjo, I’m the one who said so),” …andKierieni got so angry he went to get his gun to shoot all the silly men from Nyeri…

now Mr Muturi is the father to Njee Muturi the current Solicitor General…these political families have ties that run deep…no wonder they reward each other with senior positions and do business together…For the record I’ve never been a fan on Njonjo even though this days he pretends to be humble and all…when he was powerful AG he was the most arrogant shit around and hated fellow Kenyans with a passion…and he was the gate keeper to Kenyatta and was able to acquire massive property kwanza beach plots(the president had to give authority for any land along The beach to be sold or bought) so Njonjo and the then Coast Provincial Commmisioner Eliud Mahihu were the main players…

For those who may want a quik read…here is a link

What do you do for a living msalame?

And how about the Njonjo one ya jana http://www.businessdailyafrica.com/I-miss-the-power-to-do-good/-/1248928/2724198/-/li86mz/-/index.html

I’m just a humble senior villager


Njonjo is a pretender…anajifsnya tu ati alikuwa mtu mpoa

Works for an NGO in a place called Wau

Ako Sudan?


Cool. …never heard of that place though

N hes an opportunist he grabbed a certain building near barclays plaza in the CBD nt sure whether in the 1980s/1990s

Come to think…all those mentioned are Sons and relations of the home guards in colonial kenya…Hakuna hata freedom fighter hapo

“me chop, you chop, palaver fish, finished” Chinua Achebe’s ‘A Man Of The People’