A dad DFng her Drunk house girl.

[SIZE=4]Is having sex with someone who is drunk considered rape ?
One piece of 9 minutes crucial video evidence in my hand.
i have tried reducing the size to 11.89 mb but :mad::mad::(:frowning:

[ATTACH=full]8366[/ATTACH] [/SIZE]

upload xvideos alafu utupatie link

weka video evidence dropbox or google drive. hio link umeweka inasaidia tu lawyers

achana no porno boss…

kwanza ni kienyeji ama ya grade?

Ukiweka hiyo nang’oa walai.o_O

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share kwa google docs.

Don’t be a prude. Acha jamaa atuwekee link tuchangamke na hii baridi.

Hatutaki kama hiyo ya “safaricom DF”…game hamna! Nigga was dancing katitu pon de pussy!!


Simba Marara!!

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Ha ha …kuhate nayo …

boss hakuna kitu



Wakung’oa Walai… !! jibu hii kwanza?

Is having sex with someone who is drunk considered rape ?

That subject of discussion is not encouraged here kijana.

Gay Alert

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no wonder ile ya safcom nilishangaa mahali links zilienda

rape is having sexual intercourse with a person without their consent, so yes it is rape if the person is so drunk as not to be in a capacity to consent to the act.

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If it’s a house gal… that’s considered collateral damage.

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