A Chan'gaa Den and a curious Hyena.....

It must have been the December holidays of my third year of highschool so I must have been 16 or 17.
If my cousins didn’t spend the holidays with us, we spent our holidays at theirs.
Me and my bro went to Rongai for a two week break just before Christmas.
Boys will be boys and it was mayhem , chasing girls and more mayhem to keep the days occupied.

The older of my cousins was 19 and he was as mad as a bag of cats.
He had all the plans for the night and it was just as well, they had a “cube” that their father built them right next to the main gate in accordance to Kikuyu culture.

We would easily come and go with no detection from their parents. If it wasn’t the local disco hapo Maasai Den hotel, it was hanging out in Kware smoking weed.Or going to The Rhino club …

This was Rongai as it was before the whole of Nairobi relocated there.

Anyway, one day, stuck for cash and bila plans my crazy cousin came up with a plan for us to go to one of the Chan’gaa brewing dens along the Mbagathi river.
Chan-gaa or “cham” used to be brewed along the river and then got transported to Kware for sale but if you were brave enough to go to the brewery, it would be much cheaper and higher quality!

Tuko msoto but there is 5 of us so we decided to brave it and take the 3 kilometres journey in the cover of darkness.
It’s around 7 o’clock and there has recently been rumours of a stray lion being sighted coming from the direction of Langau after escaping from the national park!
Mambo ya kawaida for the locals and it doesn’t seem to deter cham addicts that we meet staggering home after having their fill.
This place was full of wildlife anyway…

So tushafika base ya N’ga’n’go and it’s like a cave dug into the rocks against the river.
Like any good cham den, mama Pima is sat at the furthest dark corner and the place is dimly lit so it takes a minute or two before you figure out how many people there are.
We walk in and none of the hardened customers seem too bothered although mama Pima is keen to tell my cousin to close the door behind him because apparently someone saw the escaped lion!!

Everyone bursts into laughter at the sight of our panicked faces!!!

Kidogo we are served and get comfortable blending into conversation with the old geezers…

What none of us knows is that lurking around on the outside and curiously looking into the cha’ngaa den from the bushes was a Hyena that had become accustomed to waiting until everyone had left and then devouring any food left over.
We were to learn all about it after a few days!

On this particular night, one of the customers had lost his way home and in his drunkenness he managed to find his way back to the cham den!
What he doesn’t know is that the local friendly Hyena is now walking around the den impatiently waiting for everyone to go home.

Kidogo,: Ouma the lost drunk sees the Hyena and he screams… " Nisaidieni Simba atanikula!!!"
Everybody inside the cham den is caught unawares and before you know what to think, the Hyena jumps into the Chan’gaa Den obviously startled by Ouma’s voice!..

The chaos that ensues inside the small one room den is what comedies are made of!

Somebody knocks down the only “taa” in the room and all the otherwise drunken geezers who I thought were too drunk to stand up are all now scappering for the only door convinced that a lion is about to eat them!! Kikikikkkk…
The Hyena too is headed for the door trying to get away from all the commotion!

Me, I wasn’t standing too far from the door and as soon as I got a chance I did a Usain Bolt heading up the hill in the direction of Rongai!!!
I did not stop until I got to my cousin’s house and even then, I was still trembling with fear.!..

It was a great relief when the last one of us made it back and we all had a laugh about it…
We spent the rest of the night Trying to extract the Accasia tree thorns from each other’s feet!

Oh… Sweet memories…


Kabuda nini hujaona


Hekaya Timam!!

That same hyena ilikuambukiza ufisi.

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Smart kapsaaaa.
Wonderfool akuje aone hii.

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who read all this pinned shyiet?


yani kabuda unakunywanga steam

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Nice one boss

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Hii yakaa kazi yake @GiorgioPiola . She’s the novel guru who pens over 1000 words in a single narration

it would have all been a fake news until I read acacia tree thorns…that was the reality of rongai back in the day. Dry as a bone that area is.


ahahahah,hii iko tops at he lost his way back home but found his way back to the cham base


Swafi. Ufisi naona sio ya kujiwekelea, ni kuwekelewa.



:D:D:D:D Reminds me of this:



I can relate with the guy who got lost and found his way back to the den. For me I had recently moved to a new house but pombe ikakataa hio cave. Went back to the previous location three times before nika adjust, but not before the man of that house warned me(privately) to stop chasing his wife.


yaani “Local Friendly Hyena” iliamua kuingia ndani ya den vile iliona mnachelewesha shift yake. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D


You did didn’t you?!..
I love you too @Nefertities
Now turn around and touch your Toes!..

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@Kabuda hekaya iko Sawa unlike ule mkora mwingine wa black gate

Hehe nice hekaya