A Candid perspective on govt and helb

So education cs wants the board to liase with the DCI and courts to prosecute helb defaulters.Yes there exists elements who have refused to pay even after getting jobs but of those who are yet to get jobs.

Why not recruit in every financial year in each ministry?look at the current vacancies in immigration, last time they recruited was 2013.Thats immigration,what about mining?transport,finance…

Dont tell me that there is no money ,they are asking from us 7.2billion but they have money to pay italian suspect companya whooping 91billion shs.

My take is that policy makers for the gok dont take the issue of JAB graduates yet to get jobs serious.spear come here and answer a question relating to govt employment in ministries. I am of the view that inbeach ministry and govt dept,there are always retirees every year .couple that with factors such as natural attrition and search for greener pastures.favtor that with the rate of employment to fill in the voids left.

we said nugus na kungurus walipe deni ndio wengine wapate pesa umalanye na pa pombe

What exactly did Amina say on this HELB issue?
Let’s start from there.

@inzhener otmetka alisema defaulters watatafutwa na DCI na washikwe washtakiwe

This Amina is proving to be a blonde who is out of touch with Wanjiku. First her blunder about Form One intake, now this HELB nonsense.

Big difference between 1st world and 3rd world is how some issues/concepts are dealt with.
Say the HELB issue for example.
Huko majuu for example it’s applied like a tax, between 1-2% par annum(p.a) of your income (so if you earn $200k p.a you pay $2k, if you earn $100k p.a you pay $1k and so forth. But there is a floor…Minimum wage earners under $50k p.a are exempted)… In a nutshell. The people who benefit the most from the ‘student-loan’ bear a bigger burden to repay than those who get little/nothing from it.

But due to the me:me:me ( haki yangu) mentality prevalent in vumbistan. Here we are. Yeah tunapenda hii chieth ya ‘equal share’ with less/no regard to the corresponding ‘benefit’.

Say you and I were given the same student hel[p/B] loan at say 200k ya Kenya. You land a job ya 200k p.m na mimi ya 50k p.m. Huyu wa 200k regardless of how they landed the job should foot a bigger HELB bill than wa 50k …
Personally, I’ve never been a beneficiary to a student loan in Kenya/elsewhere but hii system is so skewed and needs serious reform…

Anyway hao wanadaiwa 7B… Wacha wangojee mwa-auctioneer.

Hii kazi ya debt-collection inakaa itashika sana

Mtu akichukua HELB alikua anajua ni loan. Watu ambao wako gainfully employed (including the self-employed) - akina noisemaker Babu Ongili - should pay.

Employed defaulters