A bed shared always shared

I remember after getting my first job I shared an apartment with a very born again brother. I remember him sitting me down one morning after a night of romping with a mama and telling me that once you sleep with a woman she will become attached to your spirit and you will always sleep with her.

At that time i didn’t believe that yapping until the other day when i met them mama in a restaurant in Westlands, after a glass of juice and sausages she insisted she had missed my sausage, mind you she is married with two kids.

The following weekend i meet my ex who did a wedding this dec, shortly after she is all over me on whatsapp claiming she misses my dicking.

Is how??

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very true…

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In most cases if you parted amicably with no immature tantrums you can always meet for a friendly at a later date

I just realised married women are fucking with their exes left right and centre

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hate to admit this but in 2013 I happened to get high with an ex and in the morning she told me she is getting married in a month meaning the “lucky” man had paid dowry and already taken numerous loans to have her for keeps

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It’s the retirement package


Eti your ex did wedding this dec?.. Hekaya remixed



Hekaya Ni wewe. When you say this dec you do simple maths and calculate which December is nearest from the month we are in

hekaya kila siku[ATTACH=full]6800[/ATTACH]


after a glass of juice and sausages she insisted she had missed my sausage
i think its coz of the familiarity that comes with it,you already know which buttons to press and sadly if her man doesnt make her come the way you did too bad for the poor SOB guaranteed she will fuck you once she gets high.the reason i avoid meeting exgf past 5pm

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If I can explain from a spiritual view…this is called a soul tie, (you can google more) God created sex to be a like a union of
two people physically and spiritually(soul)

So in the spiritual world when you sleep with a person you form a tie n so forth depending on your partners. . that’s why
a person can form a spiritual tie with a woman/man with a certain spirit for example) immorality this can be transferred
to the next person.

And soul ties are very hard to break that is why @Leo Mwangih your roomate was explaining, you will always keep goin back to that woman…u can read more about" no more sheets by Juanita Bynum"


Have heard the same hypothesis. Its a belief some spiritual fanatics use to tell “teenagers” to chill till marriage.
There’s no way semen/spermatozoa can turn spiritual. Unless you made a kid, who in turn has a spirit


Very well summarized. Will make a point to look for the read

How is sex spiritual???:eek::eek::eek::eek:. God created man and woman to procreate and please each other.

If sex was spiritual, Solomon with his 700 concubines and 300 wives (assuming he slept with all of them) could have been one hell of a disturbed king; with 1000 roaming spirits around him


She said its called a soul tie.

These women…that’s it, I am importing a wife!

Why such convoluted explanations? Isnt the simplest explanation more likely to be the right one? That the guy is simply a good shag?..one does not masturbate coz of spiritual tie with your hand…its done because it feels good and why the hell not?

This talk of spiritual ties is made up as a reason to dissuade promiscuity. If there is a bible verse supporting talk of spiritual ties?


So you know about the bible…Solomon was one of the wisest kings ,Yes God found favour in him and blessed him , but he tied himself
to many women , many concubines ,princesses from far away lands some who did not even worship the Israelite God.

Did God allow this ? Yes since he gives free will…Did he approve this ? No . He turned away from God and hurt him and even sacrificed to idols
but as a result his kingdom was torn from him . Read 1 kings ,Chapter 11


@Purr_27 iko shida hapa! Chunga sana

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