95's and above born babies will never understand

Don’t say anything just nod your head and hit the like button if u can relate.
Migos and trap music fans please stay away


Si hizi ni albums za kawaida? that can play on normal modern stereos?? what is special about them?

FP will tell ya ametoka far…

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90s RnBs… That’s what’s special

Hivi ndo hewa ilikuwa collection back then nakumbuka biz hapo car show nai always used to buy one or two per month and it hurts that i recognize some from here…yet i can’t even find my original bone thugs and harmony 1999 and eminem show just for the covers the inside art was the shit


Eish…good collection there:):slight_smile:

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Some of us use youtube and understand physical albums take up too much space…na haturingi.

Can you share that Sam Salter Music? Been looking for it for ages

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RnB where in the videos lazima kuna mtu analia kwa bafu akimwagikiwa na maji…hahaha.
Memories mieeen


Taking [SIZE=1]slices[/SIZE] with old school RnB in the background was the bomb. The memories!


Kuna jamaa alikuwa anaziuza hapo Garissa, Easich when namba tisa and buru 58 were all the rage.


hizi nko n carton kama mbili hivi

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I can’t understand because thats pure umeffi to me

Barry White. Superbass: Practise What You Preach


Memories indeed.

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I know what u like.


^^this generation is lost


Albums original zilikuwa zinauzwa 1,000/- hapo 20th century cinema plaza

Wapi Dru Hill?

Can’t get a full album on U tube.This albums had bonus songs,you could know the name of the producer plus a booklet with lyrics.

Juzi nimekumbana na masahibu sana nikitafuta ngoma za kitambo za Macka B.

95 nilikua najiharia bado