8th Core i3 desktop

Who knows the best price for an 8th gen ci3 desktop in kenya, or where i can find a good deal. 8th gens are true quad cores and work quite decently with some modern games…

Does the generation really matter?

Yes… cant compare say 3rd gen and 6th… big difference. Especially laptop. 8th gen pia ni 4 physical cores not dual core with hyperthreading.

4 different processors or 4 threads under one core?

Not really sir , unless you talk about power efficiency all generations ziko na series starting with dual core , dual core with integrated GPU and quad core etc
Kama ni 8th gen kuna Intel core ix 8xxx

4 different processors… but ci3 haina hyperthreading. For ci5 i think unapata 4 physical cores + hyperthreading. So you end up with an extra 4 virtual cores

Yes , and a core i5 with 4 physical cores mostly will not have on integrated GPU.

Why would i want an intergrated gpu on a desktop anyway?? I buy it due to the freedom of installing any video card in the first place?

Uongo.8th gen is still a processor only has higher clock speed.

Yes. Its a processor with four physical cores… sorry for the typo

Once u learn the marketing gimmicks behind cores ndio utaelewa

Vile umeanbiwa hapo juu,duo core is still the main

If you have extra cash you can aim for an i7 that has 6 cores with 12 threads.

where can I get some graphics cards at affordable prices?

But default i7 usually has 6 cores.

Generation matters but huchapa haraka. Ryzen any day

Its just clock speed

@marine1 Where do you get your info?

Not all.

Maybe if you are an overclocker. If you just use the normal clock speed it lasts. But I agree you can get a beast of a cpu in ryzen.