800k registered voters against the projected 4.5million? Voter apathy ama its just Kenyans being kenyans registering in the last minute?


Hapa kwetu hizo ghaseer hu-register watu kama watatu per day.

Solution ni kurudisha kazi mtaani program. Qualification ikuwe ni kuwa registered voter. Target watameet in one day.

Most of those not registering are voters that Ruto was Targeting.

Most Kenyans don’t care about politics

Roger that.

Most voters ni wale tunaona Githurai. Unapata registered kwa hiyo crowd ni less than 20% alafu unasikia by thenashara hii kitu itakuwa decided.
It’s as if pulling idlers by the numbers directly translates to votes.

Kwanza hii elections kutakuwa na so many vote spoilers, akina OKA and the likes.

Don’t be surprised if Baba wins on pure technicality.

We are campaigning. we will have not less than a total of 20 million votes. 14 million of them belonging to H.E. William Ruto E.G.H, president elect of the Republic of Kenya.

Well when you go around the country proclaiming that so and so will be the fifth, in a manner that suggests it is a done deal and the voter’s choice is irrelevant, a lot of people are not going to see the point of registering.

In Kenya and other African countries, voting should be a paid job with a retainer as it only benefits those that are elected.

I’m curious…can I deregister my voters’ ID ?

sioni nikipiga kura 2022 unless nilipwe thao tano minimum

Siwez vote hizi jambazi…254 tuna shida…mathegi tunafaa kuweka jela ndio leading candidates…wololo

saa unataka mtu a register na pple like rao& ruto ndo option
buana young gen are not as naive (n stupid) as we adults are

people are tired

Hii kitu ilifaa ikuwe every 7 years. Ni juzi tu tumeimbishwa tano tena. Now next year ni campaigns tena! Mtu huchoka buana.

Mimi niende kupiga kura na tayari tunajua zitaibwa. Niamke 4am nikae kwa laini for 6hrs only for my vote not to count at the end of the day, is a perfect example of conmanship and fraud. Kenyans are now wiser. Hiyo time mkifinyana kwa line I’ll be on my second blunt and watching Usman vs Convington 2 MMA.

people will register but will not bother to vote

:D:D:D watu wakifinyana kwa line wewe unaona covington akifinyiwa KO na Usman…Hapo sawa