8-8-2017 election was conducted in an illegal and irregular way

The 8th of August 2017 election was conducted in an illegal and irregular way. That is why it was annuled. By saying that it was annuled because there were ‘llegalities’ and ‘irregulaties’, we make them look trivial. We make it look as if it was annulled because of ‘technicalities’. It is just a matter of semantics, of course. But it makes a difference. Granted, the words ‘illegalities and irregularities’ came from the Supreme Court itself. Perhaps the court should have used different language. It should have said that the election was conducted in ‘an illegal and irregular way’. That would have captured the gravity of the situation. When we say that there were ‘irregularities and illegalities’, Jubilee people are bound to get aggrieved. They get the impression that their ‘victory’ was annulled on technicalities. Yet reading the reasoned judgment, you realize that, indeed, the election may have been conducted in an illegal and irregular way. And that may be it had to fall. Perhaps because of internal sabotage.

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Boss, ngoja 26th uone kivumbi. Babuon arudi vumbistan na Bondo express :D:D:D

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So what specifically were ‘irregularities and illegalities’ to you. The fake forms? The electronic transmission, used to transmit results for a manual election?

Kanywaji is one of the psycophants that take Raila’s word (Or anyone in Nasa for that matter) as the Gospel truth.

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All that is water under the bridge. On 26th, we are burying babuon forever and you will only be hearing his voice from his political grave

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Illegalities committed by ghosts since nobody was held culpable…these ancestors are really fucking us, just cause we forgot to pour libation…:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:


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If you ask these guys to give you a list of illegalities and irregularities as they claim, and it be point for point word for word mtashangaa. Nothing to bring forward. Elections were nullified based on someone’s shortsightedness and bravado not minding social, economic and general business effects to anyone dependent on the Kenyan economy native or otherwise. Lakini wanadai they would want them nullified again but we’ll see who will blink first. Kila mtu mfuko inaumia so kama hutaki kuvote kaa nyumbani. For those who want this fucking tension over jitokeze and do your thing. Life will move on after that and everything will fall in place. We’ll get back to where we ought to be.

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where are those irregularities?

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