72 virgins came a bit too early


Mission incomplete…now they’ll get only 36 virgins

Too bad they are males:D:D:D:D
[SIZE=1]@T.Vercetti kuja ubonyeze[/SIZE][ATTACH=full]350383[/ATTACH]

Ndio maana mimi husema nyinyi team China team Taliban hamna akili.

You fellows never make any sense. Two days ago you and @Sambamba were very happy and even cheered that the Taliban has defeated the American empire in Afghanistan and retaken territory halafu leo tena ume switch sides… unachekelea Taliban.

Next week you will cheer a Taliban victory against the U.S, the following week your narrative again changes to, “These Taliban are a CIA project!”

Religion is truly the opium of the masses…Yaani somebody just sat down and convinced people that “If you kill yourself in the name of god, He will reward you with 72 virgins”…yaani god is a pimp with a virgin making machine…and it does not matter whether you kill or maim innocent people and children in your “quest” , so long as you did it for god, your 72 virgins are guaranteed to quench the thirst of your loins…after you are dead…you can’t make this sh*t up.

Im not sure what you’re on ,ama ni usingizi ju hulalagi.
Its well known that america is protecting its assets in and around those areas you’ve mentioned,besides if they kill the rug heads,whose going to look after the hasish?
A good symbiotic relationship,farming for arms
either way tommy,there is a young supple titty virgin for you in heaven ukibadilisha dini

Taliban don’t really believe that crap any more than the SEALs who shot Osama in the face 100 times believe in truth, justice and the American way. Taliban fight because conflict is all they have ever known for thousands of years. Others get paid to do it or they are coerced/threatened. Jihad is just a tool for recruitment but it’s not what keeps them going.

Watarespwan without having the rewards

allah must be on crack…

Religion is a scam

wacha kuchezea dini ya watu please

r u an atheist ?

Religion has been and always is the cause of much woe to humanity.

I am a follower of Jehovah and Yehshuah but I don’t subscribe to any vain doctrines

Follow your religion and i RESPECT that without any doubt, BUT kuingilia dini zingine ambazo haziwahusu lolote then there its not right.

Wewe ni wa dini gani brother?

am a proud muslim bro

Kenyan born, arab muslim