70% of supermarkets were started by Kikuyus.

  1. Naivas Supermarket Ltd was started on July 27, 1990, by Peter Mukuha Kago.
    Naivas has over 90 stores countrywide.
  2. Quickmart was established in 2006 by John Kinuthia
    It boasts over 50 stores
  3. Eastmatt was established by Kamau Chege and it has eight branches.
  4. Magunas Supermarket was started by Simon Wachira
  5. Maathai supermarket was started by Viktah Maina
  6. Khetia Supermarket was started by Ashok Khetia in May 1982 and with a total of 22 stores
  7. Carrefour Supermarket in Kenya is owned by Majid Al Futtaim.
    The retailer has 19 branches
  8. Chandarana supermarkets was established by Shantilal Mulji Thakkar and has over 20 branches

Cleanshelf Supermarket founded in 2002 as a single supermarket based in Limuru Town.
Owned by three brothers Timothy Kihara and other Kihara’s

[SIZE=3]Spear Supermarket[/SIZE] had a case ya rent back ni ya Rasta Man.

Kamindi Selfridges was started by Margaret Ndete who the sister to Njenga Karume

Nani amekuuliza

150 bob matako started by @cortedivoire

Kikuyus are highly blessed. I am a Kamba but I admire the business minds of Kikuyu

Wewe kama @cortedivoire umeanzisha nini ya maana?


Sasa problem inatokea kufundisha your children how to run it so that it doesn’t collapse by third generation.

Tulia mzee…

Figgsed price! :D:D:D

Kusema ukweli akina @Agwambo ni kutombana na kuambukizana ukimwi tu ndio wanajua, huko nyanza almost all supermarkets ni ya wahindi but ukienda central supermarkets ni za locals

Khetias is underrated

A luo would rather buy from a mhindis/kikuyus shop than his fellow Luo trader… Jaribu kufungua duka Nyeri na wewe ni jaluo utajiongelesha the whole day. Kikuyus support their own first. thats why utawapata allover Kisumu na shops and wholesales and liquor stores

Yes Kikuyu brothers push hard their businesses quite commendable

Offer competitive pricing and customer service, any tribe watakuangukia

I’ve been to one, and from what I saw, they are properly rated.
Bottom of the barrel.
They should sit down with Quickmart owners for a small meeting.

That explains why the same supermarkets fail after the founder dies… wasapere hawajui kuendeleza biashara unless ni wizi, umalaya ama ulevi.

Wewe mujamaa kwani shiny eye walikufanyia nini.


Kuinvent githeri.