7 killed in school attack

Lokichogio mixed secondary school in lodwar attacked last night and 4 boys 2 girls and a watchman killed by suspected militia from South Sudan.
MMNN hatuna mbisha saa hii



Injured students to be airlifted to Nairobi.
Redcross on scene

a tough response needed first diplomatically wasiposkia tuna kdf



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Hawa watu wametuzoea!

Diplomatically baadaye, saa hii KDF wangekua huko ndani annihilating the bastards, btw wako isiolo

This is happening because the KDF has slowed it rolling by not sending tanks to the Ilemi Triangle to show force as it used to do in the past and all our eyes are focused on Somalia.

So what harm was it intended for school kids… These democracy we follow hurts us more than good.

Really, VC?

Sundays may be tricky to church attendants in nairobi and mombasa,wakuumbwa security starts from you.

Top Brass

Wakristo mmesikia hayo?

Democracy imekujia wapi?

KDF shoot Juba down


How now??