$7.5 Million House in Muthaiga


Ngoja paybill ijae nitakucheki

@pseudonym why don’t we make this our playboy mansion

I told you tuanzishe kanisa hapo nyali…I will be your Kathy Kyuna .


You will be Mom while i will be Dad.
Not bad at all

Titles taken already.


Huyu mzae yaani ametupa mbao kapsaa? Yaani at over 70 he is talking of his matha’s clitoris eti Yesu ataipata intact? Intact akaange ama amumunye?

Isokei, isorait…

Hata mimi nimekuwa hapa…:smiley:

He’s just another 90s hero turned socialite. Harakati za kutafuta likes.

Aki nimekuna dreads zangu mpaka nikachoka
Is the African church an uncircumcised woman?
What exactly will Jesus do with the clitoris?
Some of these thoughts running on my mind are darned! If hell exists I don’t wanna go there.

Hi @It’s Le Scumbag . Please tafsiri the tweet above from Njoya.

He means Jesus will come looking specifically for that clit and he better find it intact. Though I don’t know how he’ll know it’s the one seeing as he’s never seen one…

But I thought he was the creator of the clit…

God created it na yeye jesu haku ishugulikia

The Church was fully accepted in Africa when Africans dumped their old practices to embrace Christianity,which forbids kuongeza wala kupunguza.

In simpler terms,the clit is the $7.5M house.

It’s in reference to his book
It’s called understanding the clitoris blah blah blah …not sure of the rest

Pay bill pesa ilitumika kwa campaign ya #RoundiZoteniRao