6 KDF choppers at 140 billion?

The Nation article was most likely a disinformation operation by some vested interests . The figures are ridiculous and don’t make sense even if watu huiba
Expect a clarification kesho or later in the week from Nation with the correct figures.

Agha khan isn’t exactly for the people!

This must be the 7th thread kwani mods wako wapi

Budget ya DOD Ni ngapi ?

121 billion.

Ghaseer. This is a different take on the matter.

Entire budget? Are you sure?

I think this is not true, you don’t buy choppers with the whole of the ministry’s budget. How now? Treasury and the controller of budget won’t agree also. Plus an amount of 140B would raise eyebrows even before it gets to the media.

I don’t think wanalipia yote sahii

But I have checked the choppers kwa youtube

They look Kama hizo za wanasiasa hutumia wakati WA campaign only that they have military colours

Weka picha…

It’s secret, you aren’t supposed to know what the military spends where and why.

“ruto ni mwizi” io time uhuru anakutomba bila lube

Just to remind you Ruto has been in many corruption scandals while Uhuru has been in how many?

must you be in a scandal to be a thief?

Well if I’m told you are a thief and I have not seen any evidence then I’ll take is as a witch-hunt.

since 2013 we have sunk into trillions of debt, but on the ground there are no projects worth trillions. did the money evaporate into the air?

Uhuru used billiond to campaign, but Uhuru has not been mentioned in any scandal. Do you think a man who cannot donate even a single acre of land to squatters at taita taveta can spent billions in campaigns for charity?

Uhuru is not in any scandal because no dci can dare investigate him.
No judge can listen to such a case.
No media carry air such a story.
When he is not in power, and William Ruto is in power, may be you will know the truth.

As long as the men with the evidence keep hiding it from the public then we have to do the waiting game

Uhuru is the president and therefore ni mweupe kama pamba… if you know you know… and life is never a straight line… But you need balls made of diamond to even consider saying that he can be corrupt, even to imagine it! So ni mweupe kama pamba, can never be corrupt… the closest thing to God in holiness… never can he ever misappropriate a coin… never!! Ruto is the only thief in this system and he steals all alone like a powerful ninja!! Ohh my!!

Go to MD website utajionea mwenyewe…anyway thurakus like @Sambamba hamfai kulia lia hapa…go fuckk yourselves and your Uhuru meffi…kenyatta family have emptied kenya coffers

Nation has turned into a gutter press.
The contract was awarded to MD helicopters by the US army worth $1.4 billion.
It was for the supply of 150 helicopters to US army itself and partner nations. (Weapon makers in the US must first be approved by US defense before selling to foreign nations).

These choppers were going to several countries, with Afghanistan getting the most.
Kenya is only getting a total of 12.