6 health benefits of masterbation

It is said that the safest way to
cheat on your partner is with
yourself and that is by loving
yourself. Masturbation if you like.
“Masturbation is the sexual
stimulation of one’s own genitals,
usually to the point of orgasm. The
stimulation can be performed using
the hands, fingers, everyday
objects, or dedicated sex toys.”
Normally just the word
masturbation makes people go
scarlet and is usually frowned upon
but you will be glad to know that
masturbation has a lot of benefits.
Here goes:
#1 Masturbation boosts your
When one ejaculates, a hormone
cortisol which is a stress hormone
is released. When this hormone is
released in small doses, it can help
maintain and strengthen your
immune system.
#2 Masturbation relieves cramps
Instead of seeking help from that
hot water bottle, you could use your
hands to relieve cramps.
Masturbation and the intensity of
an orgasm increases blood flow to
the pelvic area easing pain in the
#3 Masturbation helps prevent
prostate cancer
Masturbation helps flush out toxins
which build up in the urogenital
tract causing disease. When the
toxins are flushed out of the body
one is said to become a third less
likely to develop prostate cancer.
#4 Masturbation makes sex better
Masturbation gives you a first hand
experience at what an orgasm
should feel like (genital pleasure).
Knowing that should let you in on
what to expect when doing the real
do and will give you a hint on what
to expect from a sexual encounter
with your partner.
#5 Masturbation helps you sleep
Genital pleasure is said to lower
blood pressure and produce
endorphins. Endorphins contain
some chemicals responsible for
stress reduction and increase
relaxation allowing you to sleep
better. It also boosts your mood.
#6 Gets rid of urinary tract
Masturbation helps to flush out
bacteria from the cervix. This is
useful especially for those prone to
regular Urinary Tract Infections.
There you have it. The 6 benefits of
masturbation. This however does
not give you permission to overdo
it because then it can turn into a