6÷2 (1+2)

What is the answer

1 or 9?

Watch for the answer.






Nyinyi wote in mafala
[SIZE=4]6 ÷ 2(3)
6 [SIZE=4]÷ 6[/SIZE][/SIZE]

[SIZE=4][SIZE=4]2(3) is same as 2 [/SIZE][SIZE=6]OF[/SIZE][SIZE=4] 3[/SIZE][/SIZE]

[SIZE=4][SIZE=4]Ans: 1[/SIZE][/SIZE]

Sasa wewe ndio fala zaidi.
Wacha nikufunze hesabu polepole kabisa kama mtoto wa class two. Hebu chukua calculator yako you feed that equation and then tell me what you’ll get. For your information, 2(3) is not equal to 2 of 3 NOT unless it’s clearly written 2 of 3. In fact, 2(3)=2*3.

Ans: 1 (non-negotiable) thank you

Okay, since you are a genius, in fact to you, these guys are fools. So why don’t you go and argue with those who invented calculators. It seems that you know more than them.

A calculator is just a tool, it does not follow any logic, spoon fed bonobo go ask foe refund your school fees kama hukushika a simple principle like BODMAS!!!

Umedevelop tool gani fala hii?

Msee, wacha bangi

wacha ujinga man, think beyond your nose


likewise too, think beyond your nose


I use tools, i do not need to develop a tool to use it?
You see its like asking me nimejenga gari ngapi ndio nikuwe nadrive!!!
See the folly of your reasoning??

your argument is a total definition of an empty coconut in head. Fill it with something fool

We can see the way you have filled yours!!!
Learn to put your point across sio kila SAA ukilemewa you resort to matusi!!!

wewe ndio ulianza matusi, I think that you are underage. I don’t judge you, but you need to grow