5k Ransome?

DCI Arrests KDF Soldier, 4 Others Over Eastleigh Kidnappings

A KDF soldier is among five suspects who were arrested for kidnapping three people in Eastleigh, Nairobi on Monday.

DCI said the suspects were demanding Sh5,000 to release the abductees, whom they had held hostage in a car, before they were arrested.

“The three victims of the kidnap ordeal were released while the suspects will be arraigned today,” DCI said.

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Need mental evaluation. Pia wapimwe bangi


Uchumi ni mbaya mpaka soldiers wanaifeel.

Why are you shocked? It happens all the time, some even stoop as low as 500 sok. Any money paid in order to release a person held against his/her will is ransom. Hio kitu kidogo inakuanga ransom.

Tusilaumu fangi ovyo ovyo

It’s technically Kidnapping but it’s actually just an extortion racket. What they usually do is move with proboxs through Eastleigh and randomly stop folks for ID checks. They impersonate police officers while doing this. Eastleigh being populated by Somalis they bound to find someone lacking an ID and that’s enough to start the extortion. They threaten them with arrests, imprisonment, deportation etc some will even accuse you of being a terrorist for simply maybe forgetting your ID at home. Note one of them was a KDF soldier so he flashes his badge at you na unashtuka kabisa realising it’s the military holding you up. Hivyo ndio someone not that educated huingia joto and they choose to part with 5k to secure their release, all the while believing they being held up by police officers. Imagine these crooks do this to just 20 people throughout the whole day which is a very realistic target in Eastleigh that’s a cool 100k.This extortion culture has been started by actual corrupt police officers.

This is why police officers bribe to be posted in Eastleigh. Huwa wanasema Somalis are walking ATM machines. This guys propably stepped into some corrupt cops territory na wakashikwa hivyo. Now am not against the police doing their best in ensuring security but the ferking system is rotten. A police officer should clearly identify himself before stopping you and state a propable cause on why he needs you to identify yourself.Also they do absolutely nothing if they catch someone with questionable residency status and character. They collect their bribes and move on. Hii mambo ya random checks is barbaric and elements of the kipande system during the colonial era. Tunadhulumiwa sana huku Eastleigh. #NotYetUhuru


Hivi tu ndio mexico ilianza,corruption,high taxes and poor governance,kidnappings huko hazijuani,unakidnapiwa time flani ,while enroute to the “safehouse”,wewe na kidnappers wako munakidnapiwa na squad tofauti:D:D:D:D:D

I have been kidnapped before, by guys in a probox pretending to be cops. They maxed out my ATMs and dumped me at Ridgeways

usiku ama mchana?

patiana details zote…alafu kabla waudump ridgeways?:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Soldiers and prison guards do it all the time. they tend to do it downtown in any town but especially nairobi. They call it “msako”. Where they arrest people for bogus crimes. yes. prison guards and military officers.

Iza bro people think this shit is jokes. Hii kitu ni serious. The whole Kenya police attitude of stop and search is very flawed and had led to crooks Kidnapping innocent citizens. A proper police officer should identify himself and clearly state a propable cause as to why he needs you to identify yourself. Anything less than that is pure harassment levied on an already limping taxpayer.

Hekaya in full?

Chupilee got people getting desperate. What is 5k? Can it even buy a quarter trolley kwa super? If you wanna be a criminal atleast ask for money that will help you sasa 5k for 5 pple? A k each??? Anyway, Kenya aint a country to be poor because this is how low you will end up sinking.Kidnapping pple for an M ,I mean a K.

Mchana saa nane ivi. Walinishika hadharani na wakaniweka handcuffs.

Wakaniibia maximum withdrawable ammounts in my 3 ATMs. Mpesa hawakupata any

Hakuna hekaya full. Ni kuchukuliwa tu na wazee wakiwa kwa probox wanakuweka pingu wanachukua ATMs wanawithdraw pesa then wanakudump leafy suburbs.

Kwani Debit card zako hazina PIN ama ulipeana tu?