51 million kuishi majuu

Habari ndiyo hio for those who want to live in the usa :eek:

“More than 20 high-net worth Kenyans have signed up for a US investor visa programme seven months after an American private equity firm started marketing it in the country.The interested locals are required to fork out Sh51.5 million ($500,000) to qualify for the visa, commonly known as EB-5 (employment based-fifth preference visa)”


So 4 and a quarter acres na nimesonga? I’d rather join @Panyaste pale North-Rhein Westphalia if I ever decide to move which is like…never! Nimejipigilia misumari hapa, sisongi na sisongi!

Kwani imefika 12m per acre eltret ama umekuwa shiny eyed.

Leave it or take it.

Brain drain, capital drain, >>>shithole country