50M Thika job, 3 arrested

It would be a sad ending to a beautiful tale. Hawa ni wagondi mimi hutaka watoboe. Didnt harm nobaday and they stole from the real thieves the banksters

True ata mimi ningetaka wavamoose kabisa. They must have even created some jobs while at it. And paid rent…

The three arrested must be innocent souls probably the traders in the adjacent stalls. The discipline and skill demonstrated by that heist cant be pulled off by someone that didn’t have a fool proof exit plan. But time will tell.

You are bright enough to pull off the robbery of the century only to go give your slay queen a sack of cash and she broadcasts it to the world on shoshomedia. They are not that bright after all.

You are right one of the arrested is the caretaker of the building.

Your avatars have me all confused. Saa zingine sijuamgi najibu nani? Itimo rudisha ndovu

Sad! So sad! I saw this ka clip and plz don’t tell me this is gonna be all hardwork and no pay.

There is no way someone planned a theft like this, waited patiently for six months to execute and then gets fingered by Kenya Police in a few days. The police probably picked the Boda guys they were using. Unless they produce the 50m as evidence every other story is a cover

People who pull off such heists should always refer to “the Good Fellas” movie

If I committed the robbery 1st act will be to kill my accomplices niggas can’t be trusted with keeping silent or avoiding huge purchases . Anyone who has seen the series the shield knows what I’m talking about.
Mtu ata chukuwa malaya in the process aropokwe , the nigga in a month is broke and extorting the rest of the gang !

Eish is this 4 real.

Hii si ya kitambo kiasi?

I didn’t know that.


What a damn shame

Reminds me of a documentary I watch, the biggest bank robbery in Fortaleza, Brazil

I watched that one. But kitambo ata sikumbuki everything,did they ever get caught?

Nice movie. When they started flashy spending thats when they cooked their own goose. Walitwangwa makofi

You go separate ways. Dont reveal your escape plan to anyone. It is even better if members of the gang dont know your family. Hiyo ni job unafanya ukijua exactly which small town of Uganda you will go to. Lakini such jobs are always risky juu hao wasee hukuwa wengi…ingekuwa just 3 guys wengepotea easily without a trace.

They were killed by mobsters. Brazil crime iko huko si mchezo, ukiangalia top 100 cities with the highest murder rates in the world, karibu half are Brazilian cities.