Want to start a side hustle. What business ideas would you recommend business gurus?

Depends on the kind of returns you are expecting to get from the business. Think of something that is less capital intensive e.g forex, day trading stocks, article writing, e.t.c. These will however require you to first find the right resources (which are free) online and learn the ropes. Once you get the hang of it, you can easily make 1k per day minimum which is roughly 20k per month. Not a bad return on investment if you ask me. And the good thing is that you can do all this in the evening after work.


Kwani ni nduthi mtumba? Nduthi mpya is 70k - 100k

Find a commodity commonly purchased i.e clothing, jewelry, household equipments, etc buy stock and try selling them online. If the biz picks up then set up a shop

I guess anaamanisha nduthi ya kuibiwa.

There are second hand bikes just like how 90% of vehicles in Kenya are used.

Starting a business with a second hand bike is unwise because you don’t know what problems it has.
Difference in margin between a used/new car and a used/new bike is very different. You only need an additional 20k to get a clean new bike…that is a small price to pay.

OP wants something easy. Nothing is easy in profitable/worthwhile businesses

50k is alot of money to start business, open air market for household consumer goods na in demand items kama saa hii ni back to school.
Remember patience msee, hii si get rich quick. Gross profit per item ni sh.10 to sh.20.

Try this tool : http://bit.ly/startuptoolex

@Wanaruona alifungua base ya kuchoma mahindi with only 5k na hakosagi zake kila jioni. Hata bibi yake @kanguthu anapata za kuenda salon na soko.

Not many have the heart to start at that level.


Cheki huyu halipi rent na anauza food kwa ‘premise’ yake.
Hapa analipa license na pengine kanjo wale sumbua pekee yake![ATTACH=full]343200[/ATTACH]


Sijui basi scrap inaeza kuwa ka mangapi lakini