50 X 100 plot utilization

What commercial venture can be profitable in a eight plot at Isinya town, the plot is 500 meters from Namanga Road, there is a supply of piped water and
its flat

Randrod ,flats

They did not construct a greenhouse for you that will give you a return of 80k per month? :smiley: you can only build some houses, keep some chicken or pigs

What were your intentions when purchasing the plot?
Otherwise if for speculative purposes, fence and plant fruit trees

Plot ya 50 x 100 inaweza toshea bedsitter 16 @ 6k uko 96k .


Yes, the soil is really good, ukiwa na maji tu mambo Sawa…

Na umchoree plan ya kisasa, not those stupid things people build and destroy the facade ya the whole area…

best of luck with that. the only tree that grows naturally in isinya is whistling thorn.

Unfortunately most clients think design is a cost rather than value addition… Henyway i am always willing to help.

:smiley: am thinking pigs too

I have several ideas za bed sitters and studios, under my sleeve waiting for the right moment and finances to implement.
I tell investors all the time, build descent, respectable structures that improve the living standards of your tenants.
Your building will always have tenants…
Mambo ya shared toilets and bathroom, very degrading…

He he very true, I cleared some compound those sides, and almost 4 of those tress just emerged from nowhere…
Though the other trees are growing well… Maji tu as stated…

yenyewe kama ni blue gums zilikuwa huko ostrich farm maji ni uhai.

This guys did a fantastic job…


If he goes down the fruit trees route he could try start a tree nursery in the same place, it should help maximize use of the little space, ensure the operation is always liquid and keep his employees busy.

You mean , have a tree nursery and sell seedlings to other farmers ,? sounds viable, considering an eighth is not such a big space

Yes, the bigger fruit trees will provide much-needed shade and a cool atmosphere for the nursery

Exactly, actually specializing in seedlings is even a better idea, big up… I’ve only come across one company that specializes in fruit seedlings in Kenya, there could be more though…

this here is where i draw the proverbial line. and there is no crossing it whatsoever.