5 Google Loons above Nanyuki,Timau area today

Wadau,niko hapa Nanyuki and today have spotted 5 google Loons floating lazily above Nanyuki,Timau Naru Moru areas

Nani huku amezicheki

Wapi mbisha bwana?

Ziko 20KM above the ground.Simu haiezi toa picha poa.Utaona dot ya white

maybe ulikuwa maji ukaona zako

So they can start spreading leftist Google views like ga.y rights, ab.ortion is good, my body my choice, evangelicals are evil and the church is bad… to young Kenyan minds.

Spreading covid

Hio ingekua tu sawa.

Punguza bangi kijana

Nothing is free. These liberals will target the innocent village children. Halafu mnadanganywa ati ni digital education.

That is how ageing Arab dictators like Ghaddafi and Mubarak were fooled into accepting digital platforms like facebook and SMS. Facebook and SMS sent them to their graves quick and fast.

I can see them here on www.flightradar24.com They are six actually around nanyuki area.

Hehehe…hata saa hizi naziona.You can even track their flight path and position ukitumia app inaitwa Flightradar24


Ingia flight radar

Wah. Yahhni there is no plane flying over DRC?

And by the way Flightradar24 are seeking people to help them increase their coverage. They ship to you a free ads-b receiver and all you need is a usb dongle/modem eg ya safaricom, airtel, telcom etc to connect it to their network. Better if you have ethernet.


It means they dont have receivers there. They rely on locals in various countries to apply for receivers to help them increase coverage.

Add ADS-B coverage - The world's largest ADS-B network | Flightradar24

You are one of those idiots who thinks that free things are truly free with no attachment or rider.

That’s the thing with bonobo monkeys, they love love love free bananas.

Bonobos love free shiny things.

The Maasai signed away their lands after receiving free mirrors and free English table clothes which they today call shukas.

Do you think that the U.S would ever allow free internet ballons from Kenya to fly over Texas or California???

They won’t even allow Chinese phones on their soil. The African bonobo allows everything to get into her countries.

Tunangoja ya Elon musk

Financial benefits?? As in what’s in it for me…