5% commission

Hi all,

Thanks to @incognitus from September 1st I will be having 11 tents for hire (7 hexagonal tents and 4 square tents) all designed like the one in the picture attached. These tents do not require décor.

These can accommodate 600 people seated restaurant style and many more if theatre style is preferred. There will also be 2 food tents, 1 tent for VIP[ATTACH=full]8260[/ATTACH] / bridal tent and 1 tent for band/PA.

Anyone who refers a customer to me gets 5% (find out cost of hiring from independent sources and you will discover this is good commission) of the contract value. The target market is weddings and corporate events in Nairobi area, Thika, Machakos. my email is [email protected].



Good stuff

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Hizi ulitoa wapi?

all the best lakini wazungu wengi hivo tutatoa wapi?




nice…all the best…

Kudos, keep this posted just incase I hit a plan

Noted. Official broker lazima akuretee kafiashara.:wink:

will be your customer one of these days

Mimi naolewo na muthungu nitawaletea wathungu.


Target weddings and outdoor events. Get someone to handle the marketing.

Mshahara ya eight fifty na bado unataka ingine?

wacha pia mimi nikue broker saved that email