4K Television recommendations

@Luther12 It has been 2 years since 4K Televisions entered the local market. They were asking for 500,000 then as we reviewed them at Klost. We agreed that new versions and upgrades are launched every year and the high prices drop quickly. June 2016 i find myself in need to replace my T.V and i have gone through the catalog. Interestingly LG has caught up to Samsung and overtaken them. Minimum requirement is it must be 4K, smart T.V, 40" inch minimum. Tuaze hapo.

[SIZE=6]LG 43 Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV – 43UF770T[/SIZE]

I cant tell the difference between these two.

[SIZE=6]LG 43 Inch 4K UHD Smart LED Television – 43UF640T[/SIZE]


[SIZE=6]LG 43 Inch 4K UHD Smart LED Television – 43UF640T[/SIZE]


I’m also considering 48"-50% T.V and these two stand out. Surprisingly this is the cheapest Samsung 4K T.V. Very Disappointed.

[SIZE=6]Samsung UA48JU6000K – 48″ – Flat Smart TV – Digital – UHD 4K – Black[/SIZE]


Compared to these,

[SIZE=6]LG 49 Inch 4K UHD Smart LED TV – 49UF640T[/SIZE]


Recommendation first then matusi. Babuon amenyamaza sana, so there i’ve mentioned him and now post threshold is complete.

suspect prices here

True, thats why i’m seeking advice first.

don’t you need to have 4k media ndio ujienjoy? zile movie za 40GB?

I don’t get you because i thought it has 4K up-scaling so that for example if a channel is HD its up-scaled to 4K.

i’ve gotten it.

hizo specs ziko juu sana lakini bei nashuku
i bought the same brand but full HD afew months back at 43,000 so how can 4K be cheaper?

Upscale ni bure tu. You still need 4k movies/videos to enjoy true 4k experience. And yes, those UHD tv prices are suspect. The cheapest i saw was retailing at around 60+k; but different models and shops will vary in prices

Ok, nothing beats experience in getting right info. Sasa i’m already looking away from these site and taking the advice of everyone here.

olx is still the place to check for price variation and make a conclusive decision; then you can visit any of your favorite shop/site and purchase.

No you need 4 k content otherwise it will not be of much use, I would recommend 1080p screen

Seen side by side, a 4K TV (left) and a 1080-pixel TV (right).[ATTACH=full]45915[/ATTACH]

4k TV is future proof. One or two years down the line, content will be standard. Prices for broadband are also getting low, meaning very soon 4k streaming will be a reality.
Try souq. Com. Multiply the prices by 29/- and ask how to get the TV in Nairobi in less than a week.

One rule of thumb when purchasing tellies, always buy the highest specced tv that you can afford. Even if the 4K doesn’t catch up, trust me it will do a better job displaying full HD content than a native full HD telly. Oh…and yeah, another rule, always buy Sony! haha

I had 1080p 5 years ago and it gave me good service until now when it started having white lines and finally died this morning to the displeasure of the Brood. I had another 1920p that the youngest Brood broke 9 months ago but i forgave her since she was only 2 years old but i didn’t replace it. Now its only natural that i upgrade to 4K.

For now i would rather deal with whats here locally. Thanks though. Future Proof - Something new i have learned today.

Sony are durable but expensive and bulky. Thanks though.

What you believe is local is brought in by traders from dubai.

Sawa after all none is made in Kenya. Since its just a few i want to buy those available right now here. Paying for something that i haven’t seen isn’t how i operate.

Hehe…huwesimport gari?:eek:

They said the same thing about 3d tv, too.