40 forty lounge


I wish you guys visited this place and saw the kind of chokoraas wanakuanga huko away from these curated pics .You’d puke

Wait, what?
You mean its all propaganda?

hii place ni slum btw

ordinary malayas wa 2K setting standards in Westine kukula mafala… Case in point, upcoming socialite Sherlyl Laura mwenye anaishi karibu na mwiki but bonobos za westie zinamkula ata na 15K



Leta hekaya omwami.

How many times have you puked after sawing the chokoraas?

Niko Kasarani , rusha contacts tufanye connections

Niko Mwiki si you link me up na huyu Sheryl Laura niletee hekaya

Huyo na nywele short ya white si ni kamisi amevaa ama night gown ndogo

Nasikia hiyo tongue ring means huyo dem ananyonya mboro kama sere…

It’s an invitation for a man to ejaculate deep in her throat


I was there last sato, the place is really classy but 90% of the kungurus there are regular sj hoes na wale wa Luthuli settings fake standards hapo Westie. Nothing worth more than 200ksh.

This is place is the pits

15k seems excessive

who cheated them that tattoos make them look better?

Na wewe mbona humkuli