4 Weird and Unexplained Mysteries Of All Time

4. The Siberia Incident:
In 1891, a very bizarre thing happened to a small mining town in Siberia. The people who saw it were too freaked out to give any details, but they assured everyone that what happened was extremely weird and could not be explained. To this day, we still don’t have an answer for what caused it.

3. The Crew Of The SS Malloy: When the SS Malloy drifted into a hurricane off the coast of Florida, the crew managed to survive. But it was what happened after they arrived in port that became the stuff of legend. Once the ship docked, the crew members went their separate ways and never really saw each other again. On the ship they had all become pretty good friends, and it seemed like they would probably keep hanging out together on land. Maybe not every day, but at least every now and then when they could make time. Mysteriously, the whole crew pretty much fell out of touch with each other and just moved on with their lives.

2. Where Buses Go At Night: For decades, the world’s top scientists have struggled to ascertain exactly where the world’s buses go after they are done driving people around during the day. Buses, being incredibly long, are impossible to park, so many believe that during the night they simply drive around in circles in abandoned parking lots.

1. Cousins: For centuries, people have reported cousin sightings at holidays, weddings, and family reunions. But where do these mysterious beings come from, and how is their study abroad in the UK going? The answers to these questions, and many others, remain unknown to this day.




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Very mysterious indeed.

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Kudos @The.Black.Templar -What happens around and within the Bermuda Triangle remains a mystery.

Nice one…quite challenging

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