4-stitches kwa lip

1500hrs today. Am seated with my gal in a 14-seater mat. We are in that row right behind the driver, she is first from the window then myself, some guy and the conductor next to me.

The driver is doing like 40km/hr as we approach Kahawa Wendani, there are matatus all over the road at the Maguna-andu supermarket entry.

I don’t know what I was thinking but as we approach the mess of matatus zikibeba where they are not supposed to the driver rams into one, all I heard was a loud “BANG!!!”, the windscreen shatters, women scream, men shout as they rush into action, my gal screams " Mr. Black wapi simu? okota hio simu yako!!" she finds both her phone and my phone, guys slide open the door, we jump out.

I can feel blood on my face Sijui inatoka wapi, my trouser is torn, I check thank God my bone isnt broken.

We get to a hospital just around the corner, my upper has a deep cut, 4 stitches will do! My mum would wail if she saw me right now!!

No kissing, Kant laugh uncontrollably otherwise my stitches could rip apart!

Come to think of it, if we had been cruising at anything around 70km/hr so there about I might have had a concussion!! Kould it be maombi za ktalk prayer warriors led by one @avator zilifikia Mola?,I doubt, maybe za Mum ngai wakwa wa keri

unajua KEB??

The speakers and crossing bars behind the driver are safety hazards. Similar to the support handles on matatu seats. Unfortunately, nobody is clever enough to listen.

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you know the drill…threshold lazima

what do i say? pole, @mama’s boy, dad would have said you “jikaze kiume

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So which is the safest place to sit in a 14-seater mathree?

  1. The front definitely not for obvious reasons.
  2. The back not so safe coz u can be rammed from behind.
  3. Any seat next to the windows is a no no coz ur phone can be snatched easily if u like using ur phone a lot in a mat.

I have observed that the safest seats in a 14-seater mat are the 2 seats at the dead centre. Anybody who seconds me on this?

Pole @Mr Black



Your girl’s reaction “wapi simu, okota hiyo simu yako”:D:D:D:D:DThis generation:D:D:DPole lakini.

sema tu ulipigwo mangumi


Pole boss…jikaze kimwanaume.

From your pic u are about 56 kgs.how do you make sweet love without hurting her with your pelvic bones.I recommend squats twice a week

Hehe Sawa daktari

A good wife this one minimising our losses. To be fair to her she was all over the phones before the " bang!!!", I guess that’s why all she could think was the phone, when we got off she was utterly confused!

Mbicha ya girlfriend ndio tukupe pole.

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pole buda, atleast you mko poa and nothing serious happened to both of you. Huyo dere I hope alishikwa. otherwise jikaze kiume, you’re already a hero in your gals eyes

Pole sana

@Mr Black pole boss, it could have been worse. Wish you a quick recovery.

vile @[SIZE=4]pamba[/SIZE] amesema

You are lucky anyway. Matatu huwanga kubahatisha na maisha. They are completely unsafe. The metal bar at the top and sometomes behind the seats is a no brainer. Its a killer. Similarly, metal bars just behind the driver are also killers. The space between seats is too small and it breaks legs, especially thighs and pelvic bones even in slight accidents. The seats are poorly secured to the floor and come off and kill people strapped on easily. The two point seat belt isnt the best too, especially when it is secured to the seat. Securing a seat belt on a jua kali seat is a no brainer. Seat belts are usually secured to the body of the car. generally, there is too much steel in the cabin and too much exposed steel around the passengers.

I hope @Mr Black… sorry…Imean @The.Black.Templar you didnt loose teeth. Loosing teeth in an accident is traumatic I suppose.

The problem is that the african thinks that attaching a rope anywhere near the passenger makes it a seat belt. A lot of engineering goes into a vehicle seat, not just juakali stuff. Its just the copy pasting that we do. Even so, we do the copying poorly. The vehicles we build here and some from india are unsafe.

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