4 soccer players lose job

Four Brazillian soccer club players are now out of a job, after a video surfaced in which the men can be seen engaging in explicit sexual acts in a locker room.
The 11-second NSFW video quickly went viral after it was uploaded to the Internet, this past weekend.
According to reports , the video depicts one player on his knees in front of two other players while a fourth player records.
The four players, members of Sport Clube Gaúcho, in Passo Fundo, Brazil, had their contracts terminated, shortly after the video first appeared online.
The video, once shared on YouTube, has since been taken down, after being reported for violating the site’s nudity policy.
Club president Gilmar Rosso explained that the men were fired because the acts took place on club property.
Speaking to Globo Esporte, he says :
“Outside business hours, we have nothing to do with the situation,” he said. “If they want to get drunk, gay or not, that’s their problem. What I have to answer as president is during a trip, office hours. That’s my responsibility.”
He added:
“The club is not a keeper of morals and good manners. The only thing we have to answer to is them making the video inside the locker room.”
Rosso admits he watched the first seconds of the video, but had to turn it off, because he, “found it disgusting."
Speaking to UOL Sport, Rosso said:
“As far as I know, these three are not gay, but now they would have to prove that they are not gay.”

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