4 Nyanza counties.

The time is very ready and ripe for sececcion.

Team UOTP/CORD/NASA/ODM/NRM go ahead and bring the bloody petition. I will personally rig and stuff ballot boxes to make sure it goes through.

Haiwezi, they are Kenyans.

Wewe ngoja tu. They will toe the line once Uhuru is sworn in na Ruto awachiwe job ya hao watu kufinywa makende mpaka watulie.

Just that some are really brain washed


Nop. They are more Kenyan than the rest of Kenyans.

I wish I was born in one of those counties.

If they claim to have seceded, M7 ako upande huo mwingine wa mpaka, they can be like migingo before they beg for serikal ikuje kuwasaidia.


utakula jiwe