3M investment

Guys I need some advice, there’s a deal i were in and i managed to rip 3m from it, now am clueless how to convert that money into a viable business that is able to sustain me for the foreseeable future, your ideas are highly welcomed and appreciated in advance.

After corona, import anything…printing papers from Thailand, utensils from wherever, etc. barring a disaster, you are almost guaranteed to make a profit

Kaa na hio pesa tu. Sai usijaribu.
But kama ukona roho enda nunua stock ya agricultural Co. Esp Williamson tea.

But sai bei imepanda than what it was 2 weeks ago. Buy Ya 500k.
Wait 1 year. Sell.


Safaricom when it was 20sh per share could have been a good deal but sai iko 28 I believe. Imagine 8 shillings profit per share on around 100,000 shares for 2m total share cost.

Around 700k profit in 3 weeks. But sai safcom hapana.


Moody are lying Sons Of Bitches. Who do you think will afford to buy a House or Rental business, when they have been laid off.
If you want to see how fucked up it is. Check this from A TRUSTED SOURCE https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bloomberg.com/amp/news/articles/2020-04-01/wework-asks-landlords-to-help-it-cut-its-rent-bill-by-up-to-30

Chukua 500k. Open a fast food restaurant. Focus on take-aways only. All inputs are produced locally and the government is not against it during these difficult times. Remaining 2.5 million weka kwa bank and wait for the dust to settle juu we have a long way to go before stocks and property prices bottom out. Thank me in December when you have 3-4 million in cash, a running business, and invaluable knowledge on entrepreneurship. Then you can use the 4 million to buy cheap prime plots (1 or 2) from very desperate sellers affected by the virus early next year.

Ulisupply sanitizer ama vipi?.. i wanna make 3 million now too

Continue with the business that made you that 3M

Ni magendo which is not sustainable

weka io pesa Post Bank, itakupatia income ya 23k per month, though kuna proposals io pesa itaanza kutaxiwa 15%. usi invest io pesa, utapoteza. sa ii kuna uncertainties mingi kwa uchumi. Watakua wanakupea 140k every six months, bahatisha io 140k kwa biashara, 3m wachana nayo kwa bank, fanya deal ingine

Even the other businesses are not sustainable. Sahii nimefunga biz because of corona.
Endelea na magendo, hapa nje watakuchesa kuliko magendo

kunywa pombe dinya mapokoste SJ na good hope the MGTOW style fuck the future

Whatever you do, I’d advice you to keep 1M in cash for the next 6-12 months; 500K kwa bank na 500K kwa nyumba (if possible).

What about the remaining 1m?

or else spend 30% on alcohol, 20% on weed, the remaining amount spend one half on women and the other half on loose women

The irony of life is that people who be having serious business ideas lack the capital needed to implement them,case in point @Macharia wa kamau ,
Someone has 3m with no idea how to multiply it.Sad really when you look at how the universe works.
At the the moment anyone dealing with basic supplies such as food and related products will make a profit.People have to eat no matter what.Be a fresh produce or grain distributor.

The food supplies idea iko chonjo.also think supplying sanitary towels.Basically think of things that must be used at least once a month,at most daily.

I were thinking about this too

You kidding right