39 Somali women arrested at a wedding party in Eastlands


i am getting this deleted …

We waria kula daillo baridi polepole bila kusumbua.Sheria ni msumeno inakata waria na jariah kwa wakati mmoja hakuna mtu special.

Haya, watoroke sasa vile walitoroka huko Mandera.
How long before the Somali’s pull out their ‘victims’ card once more?



Kijana hujawahi wacha kuwa racist :smiley:

Izi saitan show end up in langata prison after quarantine… bure kabisa.

@Slave 0wner , @mobi confirm you aren’t guests of the state

This is ethnic cleansing. They rounded up women in an estate filled with a certain community.

My guess is that the jareeers will kill them by claiming they are covid infected and died of the said disease.

Niletewe bi harusi nisikize kama ako na joto.

Somalis think they can bribe their way into or out of anything in Kenya

What people don’t know is that over 50 warias have died of covid
The situation is so bad that waliamua wenyewe wafunge Eastleigh

polisi lazma washike hii waria matako

These Arabs should be taken back to their shit hole country