32 Virgins for Jehovah

Israeli soldiers were dividing among themselves, 16K Midian virgins.
Jehova demanded 32 sexually innocent teens for his indulgence

Numbers 31:40

aiii boss,mi si wa bibilia but it was 32 persons as tribute honouring the g man with personal services si eti walikua ma vajo,just persons irregardless:D:D:D:D:D:D but its funny if you think it was virgins ya msee kuosha rungu

I would suggest you ask from which version of the Bible he’s reading from, maybe it says virgin in his and persons in yours.

Wacha kucheza na Mungu bana! Utapigwa na radi ushangae.

biblia yote inasema persons ,subject or people ata zile mwitu za jehova witness na helicopter church

verse 32 clearly states they were virgins

All 72 versions of the Bible?

If that deity were a real niga and had the powers you attribute to him,@sani would be deader than dead now…roasted crisp by a bolt,from the sky, another imaginary dwelling place you claim the deity lives

yeah,pretty much like suffi,shia,sunni,ismaili,zaidi,kharjites,ithna ashari,khawarij,ahmadi,bahai,the one s that eat shit i forgot the name and bohra’ s religious books they use to define themselves:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

Well still one book and no confusing trinity…
And FYI, no disagreements on basics that God is one, and Jesus and Mohammed peace be upon them are his prophets…