3 Potential Wars that will Redefine Africa's Geopolitics this Century

Congo Third War - Rwanda+Uganda vs DRC & Allies
Possible outcome will the downfall of military dictatorships in Uganda and Rwanda (return of hutu majority rule)

Nigerian Civil War - Northern Nigeria + Allies (Mali,Niger,Chad) vs Southern Nigeria + Allies (ECCAS, EAC, Togo, Benin)
Possible outcome will be secession of Southern and Middle belt region of Nigeria forming a new country.

Jubbaland/NFD Civil War - Kenya + Allies (EAC, ECCAS, SADC) Vs Somalia + Allies (Horn Africa + Some Arab League Members)
Possible outcome will Kenya ceding some territory in NFD and taking territory in Southern Somalia or population exchange with Somalia.


Tunatafuta nini Congo? Sio vizuri wanajeshi wetu waingilie vitu hazituhusu.

Ndoto tuu. Those Hutus are useless. Even if they take over, it will be for less than a decade before the Tutsis give them another whipping.

Excuse me but l believe Hutus were the aggressors during the genocide how did they get a whopping sema maybe loss of power

Before the genocide the Tutsi rebels were making advances and were on course to overthrow the government anyway. That’s why the president had to go to Arusha to attend power sharing talks. My point is even though the Hutus were in power with France’s backing, they were still losing to the Tutsis.

Hutus wa Rwanda wako so mellow. I really don’t know why. Tutsis are less than 20% but control 80% of everything in Rwanda, from PR, to the government, to Miss Rwanda to Wealth to nearly everything. Na Kenya isipochunga, Zoos can pull that one on us. (Uzuri tuko na Nilotes jeuri wenye watakataa that nonsense.)

Nilotes ni wakali kushinda mungich kweli, doubt it. Eei these Meno browns don’t play where shirrings are involved. Mafiosos kabisa hawawezi kubali nchi iende direction hiyo while they sit idly by. Infant ni kweli a lot of the freedom s we enjoy -sanasana economic compared to African compatriots- has been due to these guy’s stubbornness and strength. Sikatai kila community iko na strengths zake but Give credit where it’s due naaani

Ya NFD can only happen if Zoomali becomes organised, rich and powerful, 3-4 decades before wafike hapo on their own. External funding from Middle east / Turkey sahau. Current high oil prices will be the last, mafuta itakuwa cheaper than water in the coming years (electric cars), mwarabu about about to get broke. Turkey is on free fall economically another decade or two to return to their previous level.

But Indians own a lot of Kenya na wako tu. I hear Hon Mishra invites Indians and Pakistanis to work in his hospitals they are already a tribe in Kenya so they easily settle here.

Not to mention… [MEDIA=twitter]1538020135050436608[/MEDIA]

I don’t think Kenyans are strategic or long term planners. We live for now. In my opinion we’re not marginally better than Rwandans - we are also mellow.

Hutus aren’t really mellow, ni vile tu most people don’t hear about Rwanda’s history before the 1994 genocide. From 1959 to 1961 they had another genocide where they killed tens of thousands of Tutsis and exiled hundreds of thousands more. The Hutus called it a revolution against Tutsi and Belgian domination. It marked the end of the Tutsi monarchy. The Rwanda Patriotic Front was made up mostly of these exiled Tutsis in Uganda. My problem with the Hutus isn’t that they did away with institutions that they perceived to be hostile to them…it’s that they kept brutalising and blaming the Tutsis for their incompetence even after ruling the country for three decades.

Yeap Indians, Pakis and Somalis. That’s why Ruto winning, would be a big blessing.

Really? How so?

Kenya will not lose an inch to somalia , hio wasahau

Hio ya Congo will be worse. The m23 rebels sio wachache. Kitu sijui ni who funds them.

Kenya we’ve got one thing working for us; we a neocolonialist state. Ain’t nobody in our neck o’ the hood that doesn’t know that and the consequences of shooting at our direction.

They sell minerals for weapons, tax locals, use cheap labour to extract resources in East Congo, they are self sustaining.

So you are conveniently forgetting Tutsis were fighting from Uganda supported by Uganda. They were Uganda military men. Unless Rwanda invaded Uganda, there was no way of ending the guerrilla warfare that had been going since 1960s

:D:D:D How did I conveniently forget that? Fake News Master as usual pulling shit out of your ass. The rebels were supported by Uganda and France supported the Rwandese government. That’s how all wars are. What’s your point exactly?

I forsee Kenya and Ethiopia joining forces once again to annex land, Kenya to get from border to hapo r.jubba for oil and Ethiopia hapo r. Shabelle to Mogadishu to develop their sea port, Hii vita iko mbali sana kuisha.

You have never insulted me until today; you have now started shifting your behaviour and temperament to a loser attitude