Three people were on Friday morning killed by suspected al Shabaab militants at Maleli in Witu, Lamu West.

Lamu County commissioner Gilbert Kitiyo confirmed the incident on Friday.

Kitivo said the attack took place around 12.30am.

“A group of heavily armed suspected Al-Shabaab militants raided one of the villages and beheaded three locals, all men”, he said.

The militants also torched several houses before disappearing into the bushes.

Police are currently combing the village for the attackers.



waah hakuna watu naogopanga kama alkebabs …saw a video wakichinja mtu kama kuku, siwes taka kupatana nao

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Some Nut job in NASA like this. Shame on you guys.

Shait. Hao watu hawana huruma bana. Niliacha kuwatch vida za extremists time ISIS walichoma pilot life life…wasn’t prepared for that.

That area from malindi tu lamu is no man’s land. From the air you just See mangrove forests. I don’t even know what people are doing on that road. Buts it’s far up. Flight time from malindi tu lamu is same as malindi tu Mombasa. Beautiful place though. Especially the areas close to lamu. Untouched beaches

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So unfortunate of a country that can house the talks for the formation of the youngest nation and afford to pay troops that can operate a charcoal business worth listing in the NSE while keeping peace…*smh

Si mtume @Art huko alshabab wajue hawajui


This shababs assholes come from nowhere, they’re just enemies within, wana group usiku wanachinja watu then regroup, do rollcall na kurudi manyumbani,…

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this is politics…why now?

The stretch from Minjila through Witu all the way to Mpeketoni is a no go zone of late…Stayed at Witu sometimes last year and the storos you could hear the locals tell were frightening.

US /Uk watupatie drone Mona ama mbili hivi so that we can catch these mofos in the act…

Wait until you see that of ‘prisoners’ being RPG’d , drowned, overran by a tank and worst of them all, beheaded using a detonator cord

I don’t think nawes vumilia hizo.Kukatwa shingo na detonator cord…wueh. Uliona ile ISIS waliekelea some. elders wa Taliban Juu ya Mines pale Afghanistan then wakalipuliwa…shait.


read the comments from kenyans here …utajua hii elections was the final nail!

I swear I have a problem with these guys. Nilienda high school iko a real sample of Kenya and these guys stuck to their stereotypes. Kwanza ma-cop?! Mungu wangu. I only know one guy who is good from that place and my class only ilikuwa na 10. Multiply by 8 stream by four forms. Walahi tena. Hata kama stereotyping ni mbaya, hawa pekee ndio they stick to them