2NK from Nakuru Thika

I’m asking those who know, are these vans still transporting people? I need to get to Thika from Kericho?
Asking for me.

You can’t get to Thika from Nakuru. The furthest you can go is around Ngoingwa, then ujipange na nduthi

Hazibebi,zilikuwa zinarudishiwa pale Maryhill,so sidhani utamake

Where there is a will, there is a way!

Find a way of making it to uplands from nakuru.Nissan ziko mingi sana sana.You can take a Nissan from naks to naivasha then another one from Naivasha to uplands.Ukifika uplands,take a nissan to Githunguri via Gitiha.hio route bado haina roadblock as at juzi Saturday.Once you get to Githunguri,you can either get a mat directly to Thika or alight at Ruitu and get a Thika bound matatu.Most probably they will lie to you that they are going to Thika halafu wakuuze Ruiri.

I am stuck in Nairobi, been indoors since 26th March, I am bored as fuck, I am considering using these panya routes out of Nairobi. Tell me how tpo go about it.


The biggest challenge of going upcountry from Nrb is not the getting out. Its the shaggs sniches who call the overenthusiastic village elders (real, sio Wa hiki kijiji). Those burgers make arrangements for your instant quarantine in some unlivable “quarantine centre”. You will bitterly regret ever leaving 047.

Kwani kwenu watu hawapei wewe heshima?Ama ni maadui tu

Watu wanatoka mombasa to homabay sembuse kericho?

Bora pesa. You can go from 047 to Addis Ababa

Enda Nakuru to Nyeri then to Thika

My village elder is my fwend, let me make arrangements with him first.