2nd hand spare parts

Just seen that KEBS have declared imports of 2nd hand spare parts illegal. but the same govt department okays the importation of second hand vehicles from Japan such an irony.

What most people don’t know is that 2nd hand spare parts are actually parts from a car that has been assembled down into pieces i.e a full car that has all parts removed and then shipped as spare parts into kenya meaning the 2nd hand spare parts are original parts from Japan which are very compatible with cars imported here.

If a car can serve for more than 15 years if well maintained why cant a spare part do the same. New spare parts made in Kenya are not reliable, some are fake, some are bloody expensive (go to Toyota Kenya and hear the madness), others are incompatible with imported cars.

it will take a long time for Kenya to make a cara manufacturing industry for once because cars made in kenya are bloody expensive.

I believe the ban is to satisfy someone’s greed by him being the sole importer of the parts and selling them to people at exaggerated prices to make a killing out of it. My two cents is that they will be increased theft of the spare parts and the business will go underground in that its done secretly.

Why should I waste millions buying spare parts in Kenya when I can get good quality originals spare parts from Japan (otherwise known as ex japan).

You are the same guys who were complaining of thugs stealing your car and selling them as second hand spare parts

Who?? Boss sema kitu unajua

Bana wacha kudanganya watu, understanding infor is very important, the ban is on specific products do your research things like ball joints, shocks, plugs, links etc sio engines or cylinder heads, blocks, etc

They are trying to create business for france (Peugeot) and vw. Nothing else. In 10 years you have to buy a mazda demio thrice, ju hawataki tununue magari durable za kitambo. Thats how a country becomes a dumping site. gari ina lifespan ya 2 years hifai kuruhusiwa kuingia kenya. cars below 7 years cannot withstand the road conditions in kenya. age limit should be abolished

2nd hand Spark Plugs, brake pads… tie rods… tyres, bearings, why would you go 2nd hand on some things that compromise your safety and other road users?
vitu ingine filter? manze its like sharing a tampon

Those items you are calling specific products, without those hakuna 2nd hand spare parts business! Na hizo ndio nongwe zinagongwa nazo eti genuine spares kwa wahindi!

You know nothing, my Friend. You know nothing! And they always say that little knowledge is trully dangerous. How does a spark plug endanger your safety on the road?

But kwa vile mmeamua, its okay. Tutatii.

According to the notice, car parts like tyres, tie-rod-ends, bearings, spark plugs, clutch plates, brake pads, tubes, brake hose pipes, rubber bushes, filters, pressure plates, rack ends, ball joints, break and clutch cables among others will now be imported only as new.

Hehehehe, why would anyone buy 2nd hand sparks and filters? ukalulu!
Then I agree vitu kama rods that can be easily machined pia wafunge 2nd hand

Hadi break pads watu wananunu 2nd, hata shocks ziongezwe hapo

My Friend, before we knew we were, first, clueless. Before watu wajue mboga za mchicha na mchunga yalikua ni magugu tu ya shambani! Shida zilifanya wajue.

If you use new brake pads especially on a matatu and they don’t last for 2 weeks, ukifunga za 2nd hand they brake better and they last for 3 months, what will do next time you need to change your brake pads?

Greeks usually say utoonga na uthungu no ta urimu!

You find a better brand, hii maneno ya kununua 2nd hand kila kitu hata underwear mtaacha

Sawa mkubwa. Sawa sawa.

He was just defending his position you dint have to drag him through dirt waah!

knowing nothing is better than having uji na mokimo between your ears. 2nd hand spark plugs will cause very poor acceleration. you need good acceleration to get you out of danger e.g. while overtaking… if your plugs are shit and there’s oncoming traffic, taking 7 centuries to complete the move na kuna oncoming traffic.

Okay, I agree. Thank you very much, my friend! Have a nice day.


Nonsense. Has the govt stopped anybody from importing new spare parts? Tuwache ujinga. It is silly to import used spark plugs, hoses, ball joints et al. We have become a dumping ground for all manner of used things that are very dangerous. We should now petition that govt bans low quality new parts from Thighland.

Secondly, used car importers can still bring in offcuts and dismantle locally. Atleast they will have paid duty. I don’t get why we tend to see everything govt does as negative. We have sank rather low.