2br or 3br?

Suppose you have a kambuloti pale Kinoo Regen, a perfect 50*100. Approx 800m from the main road.
Further, suppose you have access to some 19m somewhere.
next, suppose that you have decided to put some rental units on the said plot, and are torn between 2brs and 3brs.

Wajuaji, hebu tell us what is the most viable option considering:-
[li]the cost of building 2br vs 3br[/li][li]the rent from the investment (2br ni kitu 20-25k, 3br ni kitu 30-35k, average houses)[/li][li]The space utilization by 2brs vs 3brs[/li][li]The budget constraint- isipite 19m.[/li][li]Any other factor[/li][/ol]
Assume average finishes. From my little survey, there is equal demand for 2 and 3brs. There are very few 3brs.

  1. Cost of 2BR will be lower than 3BR. If you are building for the long term and want your rooms to be spacious, I will advise you to work with a rate of at least 25K per square metre (including all services and external works).
  2. 3BR occupants will move less frequently than 2BR occupants, the upside is less empty occupancy, the downside is less opportunities to revise your rent upwards.
  3. Clarify your Q;
  4. It depends on the number of units you are targeting. You could build two 3BR units at a budget of 19M;

Q3, what sa the most efficient utilization for a plot that size, eg, say 4 2brs vs 3 3brs, etc. What makes better use of the ground space?
And what is the approximate area of a standard 2br and 3br?

2br is most viable for kinoo the uptake will be quick as compared to the 3bdr.
The cost of construction per sqm is btwn 30k-35k.
kazi ya design Niko apa.


I am assuming you are talking about a flat. A spacious 3BR unit should have an area of 90 - 100 SM; A spacious 2BR Unit plays between 65 - 75 SM.

A good design will utilize the plot space, irregadless of the number of 1BRs, 2BRs or 3BRs. Kuna ujanja we deploy to maximize R.O.I on plot. The biggest factor will be how will you use the plot? Will ground floor be parking? If so, bigger units (3BR) will give more spacings between columns and less tight parking. Do you want adequate lighting for lower floors? This will determine the number of open spaces and “voids” in your plot. It is not 1 + 1 per se


Hiyo hesabu yako haingiani brathe. So if I lease the two units out for 60k per month (30k each) I’ll get my money back in 26+ years? Uko na jokes


2 bedrooms any day. They will be more and most certainly a higher occupancy rate. Costs uliza resident architects and engineers hizo sijui.

Answer to his question No. 4 umeweka out of context. Ukitaka you can build a 3BR house hata na 200M…there is no upper limit. Soma thread yote polepole kwanza

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interesting, following closely.

With the road expansion on waiyaki way, I believe both are viable! I’d highly recommend you mix them up…


So roughly how many 3bedroom units with average finish can one can one put up with the 19m? Flats za kawaida

Existing site conditions and zoning will largely define the design.At this point and time it’s not possible to tell that is why a site visit by the architect is a must.

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@M2Random et al i have the same plot scenario in the environs of gachie/kihara its pretty big and next to the tarmac i don’t have much money but next year i want to build the ground floor first with my own cash then construct other floors with slowly with a loan n projected income from phase one…any advise for a young pauper?

19M can comfortably give you a building with a plinth area of (19M / 25K) = 760 Square Metres. Spacious 3BR units occupy 100 Square Metres (7 - 8 units) whereas Relatively squeezed 3BR units occupy 80 Square Metres (9 - 10 units).


Do something called modular construction…where you phase your construction progress over time and manage to maintain acceptable quality. You could choose to build floor by floor and organize cashflow in such a way you can complete each floor and move the water tanks and services as you proceed. This approach requires immense discipline as many people become comfortable living in unfinished buildings which don’t realize their potential.


Very good. There’s some light at the end of the tunnel.

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Mwathani nikii uyu araugaa riuu

Mimi nata mtu anisaidie kuongeza parking,pantry,Library,Laundry n sunken family area on this map.Nyumba yenyeww ni bungalow 4 bedroom all ensuite kwa half an acre


Leta hio kazi tupange sawasawa

Nice plan but mbona sitting room kidogo ivo compared to the rest? Half of the house ni bedrooms.