@28 and no permanent employment.

Shida wenzangu which biz can I start with a capital of 20k?Nataka kuoa 2020 sitaki wyf apate sina any


Hio ni kidogo.
Lakini unaweza pata welding machine ya 14k

In this economy even the experienced business people wanalia sana. But with Christmas holidays around the corner you can approach one of the malls and find out if you can be their Santa Clause. If you can get the deal then that 20K can be used to buy a Santa Clause suit and hopefully you can double that money by Jan 1. you charge 30/= for every child that wants to take a picture with you. Cute young mothers you get their numbers, unajua tu :wink:
Chances of it succeeding is 30% but it’s worth considering

nunua kuku kama Ruto…you just might be the next d.p

Hehe… bro, you are an original thinker! Santa claus?? Very original

Nenda Kampala nunua viatu vya wanawake at 200, kuja zimwage mtaani uzia warembo at 400, hio ni 100% profit.


What is not happening here?

Nunua mayai crate tatu na stove. Anza kuuza mayai boilo ya kuzungusha. Utaunda pesa sana.

nunua quails uchome uuzie maboyz

Do you by any chance live near a slaughterhouse?

Thats not a safety belt, ni zile strap za bag

Mtumba bales are btn 15-20k… profits are 100-200%

I second this. Although it’s needs patient

Fote fae hoyee. Apana tambua

Nunua panties za madem, they sell very fast and thank me later.
Hapo ndio utapata wife