26th October elections in Nyanza.

The constitution says election must be in all 290 constituencies .
Question is who will be the presiding officers in these poling stations, clerks etc?
Will these polling stations be secured by recce squad? who will lease their vehicles to IEBC to transport ballot boxes in Nyanza?

Hii election inataka ujanja na akili mingi sana lest an activist runs to supreme court seeking results nullification since not all constituencies participated.

Anyway, nangoja 20th Oct ,Mashujaa Day nione County commissioners wa county za Nyanza watasomea Presidents speech uwanja gani? , I think itakuwa rehearsal ya 26th √.

Anyway, RWNBP.

Asande Sana.

Si tupumue siasa kidogo tuone game?


Pelekeni hizi politics on News and politics section so we know where not to click!
@admin fanya justice.

I have had it up to my Tits with the Kenyan politics.




What did you have? @Shuma mre dani… ?


I wanted to ask the same. But wait, come , end month, kutakuwa na thread kama 50, analyzing the same.

I had decided to take time off, but I feel I have to correct some misconceptions in your statement.

Are you really Kenyan? Do you know that the Defence Cabinet Secretary, Ms Omamo, comes from Kisumu(or Siaya)- This are counties where Uhuru got the least votes. Do you think she can be stopped from voting for Uhuru?

Certainly, Jubilee boss, Tuju comes from Siaya. Who can stop him from voting for his party presidential candidate? And btw, both the Defence CS and Jubilee party boss are Luo, who are supposed to be marginalised by Jubilee govt.

How then can you even talk about a situation where ’not all constituencies participated’? I said in an earlier post: There’s no constituency in Kenya where Uhuruto have less than 100 voters. All they need is at least 1 of those supporters to vote (in areas where they intend to boycott).

And to be fair: There’s no constituency in Kenya where aNASA has 0 votes.

The only way nasa can attempt (and certainly cannot succeed) to prevent anyone from voting is by use of extreme violence - an electoral offence.

Unrelated Stuff: President Uhuru is playing his cards right regarding when to sign the electoral bill. That is as it should be.