21 day lockdown it is in Nairobi and Coastal counties

Jameson1 bans movement in and out Nairobi and the coastal counties.

Hio ni kelele kesho Niko kibarua.

Are people allowed to move around within the counties? He said the curfew is still on meaning in daytime people can still go out just not beyond the borders of their county ama? I don’t think I can stay indoors 21 days straight.

Do you know the meaning of a lockdown??

What does he mean by Nairobi? Is it just the cbd?


It ain’t an outright lock down. What @ShabbaRanks has said is how it will be

Amepeana boda along limuru ni mpaka Ndenderu

Kajiao i guess hadi kitengela

Movement within the affected counties still on.

County as a whole together with parts of the satellite towns surrounding Nairobi in the various counties

Mnajua metropolitan imeanza globe to UON to railways alafu uzunguke hadi riverside.

No it is not a lockdown

Itabidi niangalie map ndio nifahamu where Nairobi starts and ends.

That is CBD. The ignorance in this forum will never cease to amaze

Watu wanaitaji viboko

Amepeana boundary ya Thika road?

I said it here this is the first logical solution.

But where does Nairobi starts and ends.

I live in ruiru, I work in kenyatta hospital? What happens?

Another issue.

What happens to people quarantined in Nairobi and they do not live in Nairobi? After thr release from quarantine, am I to be left homeless in Nairobi?

I know of some people living in Limuru and working in Westie… What happens to them?

So it seems its like this… From someone.

From CBD on Nakuru highway you can’t go past Rironi
Along Thika Road, one can’t pass Chania River
Along Mombasa Road, you can’t pass past Katani*
Etc…Basically there will be road blocks

That is still Nairobi Metropolitan Region boss

Guys give the dude a chance to make decisions. Like every other leader worldwide. What else is he to do?