20K Imeenda Hivyo


Yep that guy is a moron. Lo and behold,kuna siku hio kijana yake itajifanya roho juu kama simba iingishe hio gari highway.

What 20k?

fine kwa koti

Einstein was right human stupidity is is infinite ! Pia hawa watu that let kids ride on their laps you don’t know how you can seriously hurt or kill ur kid doing this


Ufala ya wakenya. This seven year old drives a 13 speed dump truck. Auto is child’s play


Last week some fella overtook me and cut in in front to avoid an oncoming vehicle. It was one of those forgettable vehicle models but with newish registration. I shuddered when I saw a kid standing between the driver and the wife, probably. I hope that kid gets a chance to grow up before the parents kill her with their stupidity.

:smiley: hio fine ni kidogo bana,if his brat hit someone or something hasara tu,100k could have been more reasonable

The dude with a Prado can afford that.

Kids grasp things quickly that’s why they beat senior citizens in use smart phones and other electronics.

The dad should take him for racing training or go karting mapema ki Lewis Hamilton.