2024 Nov God willing - Next US President

We are past Biden already

A very good choice for President in 2024 indeed.I support

War monger

Who is this now?

That fcker is retarded and no way will he make it to the ballot .

Will that be trump in “another form”?:D:D

Pompeo will be Trump on steroids …

You spend 15 hours everyday on the internet na haujawai skia Mike Pompeo ?

Hujaskia fununu ya March 4?

Assuming there’ll be a country left to govern in 2024.

Hii swali unaniuliza ama? coz zimefuatana.
I was reffering to trump’s adeu press. Seems pia wewe unakaa 15hours since no one’s counting. Iza lakini if you were directing it somewhere else:cool: