the vaccine will fail and lockdowns will continue into 2022. [ATTACH=full]342141[/ATTACH]They can’t vaccinate the whole population fast enough before part of the vaccinated population lose their immunity, so they have to vaccinate again, because one copy of the virus survive in some group of unvaccinated people. The virus never gets eliminated.

I predict your dry spell itafika August

Of course the virus will not be eliminated. They still fight measles, mumps to this day, 50 years after the vaccines. But theres a game plan brewing in the US. You will not be let into your jobsite without taking the vaccine. Then it will move to public places, government buildings, airports, flights, etc.

USA civil war (or atleast big riots)
tensions between USA and China grow, maybe start of WW3
some “important” persons die, people cry and call the important person a legend
big tech censorship grows more
trump gets assasinated by leftist nigger planted by the deep state

Kuna thread ya predickshen iliwekwa jana na huyu mzae anaitwa @Electronics4u … haiya ni mimi…
@administrator merge zis threads priss.

Ilikojolewo na patricia na jamaa wa cyber.

Give it at least 4 days before we start making predictions

I’ll get ripped

Jesus comes back as a Chinese hermaphrodite.

Mzito putin will watch from a far sipping vodoski as USA and china kill each other.


Very realistic predickshen.
If you have some money somewhere invest in Bitcoin Mdau.