2020: Year of The Brave

Here’s to the brave. We who saw and said what corona really was. We who saw that the gavament spokesman Oguna was just another scumbag vying for his moment in the :sunny:, do you recall him saying if you die in Nairobi you’ll be buried in a public cemetery?
We who saw Kagwe for the scumbag he is, do you recall the Brayo and Brenda drama play?
We who saw Konyagi for the scumbag he is, do you recall Megascope that belongs to his bossom buddy Ngatia?
We who shunned supermarkets and embraced local kiosks for our household goods.
We who embraced dining at vibandas and went out of our way to find the most crowded vibandas that we would.
We who stepped out in the midst of gavament fear mongering and brought back the truth of how much plunder was happening.
We who ventured out without a mask to show there’s no corona.
We hope we’ve inspired you to question gavament position and narratives. Here’s to us. Here’s to braveness.

Manispaa hii umecopy wapi .

Darwin likes this.

Sio kwa @digi kïhiiiiiiiiiii humbwa koko taktaka ya manispaa chiet ghaseeer ibilisi mkuu

Have you had a brave year?

I’ve been brave this year. Lemme pat myselefu on the back.

[ATTACH=full]341822[/ATTACH] @Ngimanene na matharo, ako wapi huyu kijana [ATTACH=full]341823[/ATTACH] @digi?

@Ngimanene na matharo you have plagiarised from a whiskey advertisement, cheeky bugger

Link tafadhali

Hii kïhiiiiiiiiiii ilionekana mwisho akitokomea pulling up his shorts baada ya kuona kunguru amechomoa kisu ya kumtahirisha

Woooiii shukuru Mungu, it’s not your strength which sustained you but His overwhelming grace.

I had a Ngima handle in the fossils village but the old kîpii called @Meria Mata sent it to Siberia