2020 bye!! bye!! a fuck boy review

First am sorry for the late review, to plan our pussy chasing endeavours in 2021, I feel that it’s a good idea to look at how 2020 played out so here goes.

First I’d like to say that 2020 was the best year for the lazy Don Juan all highschool girls were locally accessible 3/4 of the year yeeeey, uni girls were also in plenty and into the mix that bars and clubs were closed meant that the playah had saved lots of money in alcohol.

As a player 2020 taught me how to be creative, I had to entertain girls at my home something I was not used to, I usually was used to bringing them from the club already drunk and ready to receive my blessings, I turned my home in a club-like atmosphere, I bought coloured blinking club-like lights stocked on lots of alcohol e.t.c I even taught my self how to DJ, as I was dropping the beats they were dropping their panties.

Also since I was not hitting on girls at clubs, honestly I came to have deep conversations with these girls something that my dick hates me for. Also, I sharpened my day game skills so sharp I was cutting their pants open in less than 3 days.

curfews made me have sex during the day and sure that they are at home by 7:00 pm something I was not that experienced in and made me adjust my schedule tightly i.e work at night fuck in the day.

Just my summary 2020 was a good year for the pussy chaser with high-end clubs/bars/restaurant closed means that dates saved you money and the access to thousands of under 22-year-olds meant that stocking new supply was superbly easy

bye, bye 2020 all don Juans, fuck boys and playahs will miss you. continue raising those notches

Go back to the forest you have been in you @MANKY

Mimi nilitafuta pesa extra hard last year juu my conventional business ventures ziligonga mwamba. For a time I even retorted to being a hawker (I learned a lot about the FMCG market kwa hio period ) nikajua a lot about cash to asset balance (unafaaa kuwa na kama at least 1M disposable cash hii mtaa + assets to generate such an amount in ONE MONTH)
Lakini I admire all covid billionaires . If I had that disposable cash pia Mimi ningekuwa hapo . Mask b4 covid ilikuwa 5bob .at some point in time ilikuwa 100!! Moja . If another pandemic hits nitakuwa wa kwanza kuuza ppes

The kenyan kiosk mentality ile collymore alikua anasema