2017 Cabinet Secretaries

What are we expecting, more positions, to accommodate regions that voted Jubilee and were hitherto in the opposition.
Are we expecting some CS’s ro be replaced, as Ruto prepares fpr 2017 ?

Tunangoja baba aseme…

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We we na nani x un driver?



Now that Baba is kaput, are we expecting the next Luo kingpin to lead Luo Nyanza into the Next Government.
Be wise this time round. The thought of One Jimmy Orengo as the Kingpin breaks my heart.
A leader who can talk u guys out of Kibra and Mathare, Nyanza ought to be competing with the Netherlands in things Horticulture.


Ken Lusaka lazima ateuliwe.


Nyanza should be self sufficient but how when all are busy running to Nairobi.
Where are the nyanza tycoons? Why can’t they set up shop in nyanza and bring back industries and employ their people ?? That has always been my fight with nyanza people, and rural urban folk.

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This will be difficult to predict, of course the good performing CS will stay. Those average will be praying right now. Those below average should be packing.

Cabinet serves at the pleasure of President Uhuru. That said DP Uncle Ruto is the only other influence in its set up. It will be a balance act from UhuRuto. Forget the coalition sharing pact, one of the best decision they made in 2013 is to have, run one government and that means they read from the same script throughout.

Politics - UhuRuto want to satisfy political and national interest. They have to pick a team that will fulfill President Uhuru legacy and set up DP Uncle Ruto presidential bid in 2022. They have to balance giving Jubilee supporters its earned due and something for the rest of Kenya but represented by its members within Jubilee.

Economic Development - Jubilee has a manifesto that they will be judged on in 2022. The cabinet picked must have members who have to make it happen.

Social Transformation - More emphasis will be put in social transformation of all Kenyans therefore the cabinet must be made up of people with good management skills to execute such nationwide programs.


The closure of some NGO’s, is this a pointer that Uhururuto will be dealing with Corruption headon.

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Bora wasitoe mkisii wetu matiangi mi nko sawa

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Am not into politics, but what i kno is RutoWNBP… moi will be endorsed

Matiang’i is on top of the list of appointments.

Meff Mwalimu, Lusaka must fall.

Matiangi anakuletea chakula kwa nyumba? Stupidity of Kenyan politics.

How about he appoint the most competent and qualified people, regardless of tribe?

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One tactic that was used by Moi and replicated by Uhuruto is appointing someone from the opposition to neutralize them kiasi.
Moi used it on Ruto.
Uhuruto used it on Nkaissery.
I predict an opposition member within the 5 years


mkisii wako na nani? Osaregete omotu?

gideon moi is very free to run for President, infact its welcomed. Enough talk, let him do it already. He won a senatorial seat by less than 10000 votes in his father’s homeland. Its a whole different game to ran for President ask dida, pk, aukot, madvd and babuon.


Matiangi Yes. A Maasai must be in cabinet as well since Kajiado and Narok voted overwhelming for Jubilee. Perhaps Sakuda or a good technocrat that the Maa leaders proposes. Amina is definitely staying at foreign affairs. All Kenyan Somali from Eastleigh to the whole of former NEP voted overwhelming for Jubilee. Kiunjuri is staying and maybe elevated since he is the designated Kikuyu leader after President Uhuru completes his term. Mucheru and Macharia will not be moved. Rotich, Wamalwa, Balala are safe. I wish Adam Mohammed to stay and finish his SEZ projects. One thing is that to be a CS your CV has to be extra ordinary, vast experience and accomplishments. Anyway these are my personal opinions.