2015 Business Ideas

2015 Business Ideas … Read to the End Some simple Businesses with high returns

1)ERRANDS boy /Girl : Peak time 8:00 am and 5:00 pm , this would actually involve you looking for Parking spots on behalf of your clients , It is a FACT most people struggle to locate a parking spot Especially the Working class who attend evening MBA classes in town, Other things would also be Purchasing items / Doing banking transactions on behalf : you can charge only 50/= per client and you can serve as many as 100 people per day , this is 5000/= per day and would be 100,000/= per month (assuming you work for 20 days - i.e. 4 weeks)

  1. DAY Care School / : Research shows many Kenyans have started trusting day Care Schools , This is a huge potential business with many parents actually paying over 30,000 per child (depends on Location ) per week , what do you Need ? A clean well ventilated room with Adequate security and you are good to go , You can make UP TO 1,000,000 Clean money , this heavily depends on Trust .

  2. CAR Wash : How Often do you clean your Car ? How much do you pay? , this is a Booming Business , on average you would charge 300/= per car (body wash) IF you have a good location and motivated staff you can manage 100 cars per day , this is 30,000 Per day , assuming you work for 20 days a month you make a clean Gross income of 600,000/=

  3. Did you know you can join a Sacco in Kenya and be given 5 times the amount borrowed? this will allow you
    to expand your business with a very good Capital base and low interest ., STIMA SACCO is currently the best
    FMCG supplier , Yes for 50K only , you can be a leading supplier of BIDCO kenya, COCACOLA, RAMCO, CROWNGROUP , there are 2 approaches in this , 1) to be subcontracted by the
    Appointed Agents 2) to do it solo by buying as a Wholesaler

  4. Movie Shop in Kenya : According to Hollywood research , in Africa Kenya comes in 4th as a market for film
    Products that is after SA, Egypt and Nigeria , this is Huge potential , with a small Capital of as little as 30K, you
    can make up to 4K daily .

  5. Coffee Shop, Have you ever learnt How JAVA Kenya entrepreneur started ? it was a small room with
    only 2 waiters , his Motto was quality in service and convenience, After 1year his capital base grew from
    35,000 to 5,000,000 …

  6. BALD HEAD – Hair refill Research Shows, over 75 % of men get bald (mine has just started so al be
    your first client), In Kenya we have a Population of 43M Kenyans This is a very simple Business, you just Buy Hair fiber refill, other hair fibers brands going for as low as 15USD per can in the US can be imported and
    the you translate it to Cash There are BIG opportunities both as a Retailer and as a Wholesaler; ALL you need is to get your marketing right

8)MIDDLE CLASS - Furnished Apartments – a 1 Bedroom apartment in Nairobi Eastlands Goes for 10,000/= (on Average) Have you ever thought of Talking to the Landlord and converting them to Fully Furnished Apartment? All you need is a Good Website so that Tourists from All over the World can visit and make reservations online, all you can Charge is USD 112 per week meaning you can 50,000 per house per Month (assuming 1 USD = 89 KES). 3 to 5 star Hotels at the Moment Charge USD 198 to 225 Per night …

  1. ANGER Management Professionals – Research shows that at least 3 out of every 10 people are ANGRY, So many People in Kenya, Parents and Kids get Angry at one given Point; this is due to a number of factors starting from Political issues, Poor economy, to Personal issues, At the Moment we do not Have ANY anger management professionals, all we have are Psychologists who assist …, you CAN make it BIG here

  2. PRIVATE Docs and Bulk Storage – Have you ever thought about the security of your Title deeds, Certificates security, Banks are currently doing this But their CORE Challenge is this is not their main
    Business., they are more interested in storing Money as opposed to Docs …

  3. 1000,000 KES buy LAND and speculate , it is the easiest way of making money , Land appreciates by almost 25% every year …

  4. If you have 500,000 KES you can BUY a second hand MATATU "Pimp it Up " you can make around 2500 to
    3000 KES per day, It is a business that has made many Billionaire

  5. If you have 250,000 KES you can actually Buy STOCK at NSE , the best performing company is BAT with its
    price going up by 7/= as at yesterday …

  6. If you have 125,000 KES you can start a Hair Salon / barber shop, Let’s say , these guys make as from 3,000/= to over 15,000 per day (depends on location )

  7. If you have 70,000 , I would do a lot of Farming , In KITALE for example you can Hire a 1 acre of land for
    30,000 and do farming of Maize which is a staple food in Kenya , Returns are as high as 300,000 KES after 4

  8. For 300 K i would suggest the following businesses FMCG Distribution Soda, Coca-Cola ,
    Pepsi or mineral water how? you can buy 2 Motorcycles each at 50,000 (second hand ) and then this leaves you with a Cool 200K meaning you can buy how many 300Ml bottles at 15/= for a wholesale price 200K/15 =13,333 bottles , So what’s the Distribution Price ,? = 19/= per bottles , so you make( 4/= per bottle X 13,333) = 253,327 /= Your Gross Profit margin is 53,327 , assume 3000/= is for fuel and n other expenses , then you can easily net 50,000/= per week / for 3 days depending on Manpower, In 2 years you are a Millionaire . How ? 50,000 net per week X 96 weeks (2 years) = 4,800,000

    Tourism is actually the 2nd largest contributor to Kenya’s foreign exchange following agriculture , According to the Tourist board statistics, Kenya now receives over 300,000 + visitors every year, now this shows we receive an of (300,000 / 12) = 25,000 Visitors every month …(Excluding high seasons i would give it 60% less EVERY MONTH = [25000] - [25,000*0.6] = 10,000 Visitors monthly, How many days do you want to work for? 20 days excluding weekends, narrows your target market
    to = 10,000/20 = 500 visitors per day . REMEMBER YOU ARE SMALL = target only 2% of 500 ,= 10 visitors per day ,


YOUR TOUR CHARGE ? 75 USD per day * 87.0 = 6525 per visitor * 10 = 65,250 per trip,
expenses = (petrol 10,000) + ( Van Hire 10,000) + (TAX-VAT 16% of 65,250= 10,440) = 30,440 .
Net Income = 65250 - 30,440 = 34,810
on a Good day …
Growth on this business depends on high levels of trust and a strong online marketing strategy like a good website.

    According to research from the world bank, there are 31.93 births /1000 people , if we go by the working population which is 40% of 40M Kenyans = 16 M Kenyans / 1000 = 16000 Kenyans * 31.93 births = 510,880 Kids born per year meaning monthly 510,880 /12 = 42,573 .Kids Per month , A small Businessman targets the Middle class , start with 2% as a target =(2%* 42,573) = 851 kids … Reusable Diapers in India are very affordable, going for only 150/= (after customs duty) in a pack of six , if you make 50/= per pack then (851 *50 42,550 Per month , use 10,000 for distribution = Net = 32,550 …

    Are you eloquent in English / Swahili / French , this is a booming Business online , we have over 30 embassies in Kenya and we do not have any proper website that can coach foreigners to know the Kenyan
    languages , ( apart from through Google and Skype ) so how would this work ? Build a strong website with ability to hold video Conferencing and Online payments solutions like Mpesa , Visa and Master card , A
    good website would cost you 25,000/= How many users are you targeting a day? 10 only, Charges?? 30 USD per hour , assuming they go for 2 hrs each then (10*30)*87 = 26,100 per hour , if you do only 6 hours a day
    then this would be 26,100 *6 =156,600 After VAT= (156,600)- (16% of 156,600) = 131,544
    This Business enables you to evade Fixed Costs like Rent and Service Charges hence overheads are very low

    Yes , A booming Business started by PARAPET cleaning services with a
    Capital of only 10,000 / = , How did he start ? he hired Women who strategically placed themselves in
    different estates positioning for Business, His service charge was 1000/= He started with 10 women and paid them 500/= per house / per work done , meaning he would spend
    5000/= for expenses making his profits to be 100% , after 2 years , He Registered His Business and was able to expand from 10 employees , to over 1200 employees , He now nets over 15,000,000 KES Per month There’s is still a Big Gap in these Businesses , and you can make it big here especially when targeting the Middle Class …

Best of luck in your endevours


Capital ndio shida aki

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very informative.

100 cars per day is not possible,

@paul very possible


Tip: Canvas your business ideas. http://www.marsdd.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/Business-Model-Process-WorkbookTemplate.ppt

You start from the right i.e.

  1. Customer Segment>> Value propositions>>Customer Relationships>>Channels>>Key Activities>>Key Resources>>Key Partners>>Revenue Streams>>Cost Structure


Print on an A3, place on a wall, brainstorm, use sticky notes (use different colours cross referencing to different columns.)


More Info: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPVreN9tVxFY2RgWeENShpg


@mark very informative, could you be having more information on the soda distribution business especially pepsi.