2013 Subaru imprezza 1600cc and 2000cc Hatchback

Hi guys am planning to buy my first car and am persuaded that i should start with this car am torn in between the two engines, kindly guys advice on which to pick. I was reading this review https://topcar.co.ke/vehicle/2013-subaru-impreza-review/ that seems to suggest the 2000cc has a better fuel consumption compared to the 1600cc, how true is this?

The only thing i don’t like about this car is its low clearance however am told one can improve it with hard springs coils is it true?

and generally how is Subaru is it a bad starting point, i wanted to start with premio however am dissuaded by the fact that it is overpriced and susceptible to theft.

In my experience for a car that size 2000 cc will have better economy.
having a small engine in a big car is a lie when it comes to economy.
1600cc will have good economy in a smaller car.
2000cc will have a far better driving experience.

Do you have a family? Have you ever owned a vehicle prior?

Yes i have a family of 4 and have never owned a vehicle before.

Waiting for @jmoy ‘s opinion.

Ni yeye.

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:D:D If that is true then he is beyond delusional.

@jmoy we know your handwriting :D:D

i dont understand

Nunua 2.0 acha kusumbua…

Tangu lini nika nunua subaru…endesha bluebird polepole na uangalie kama imerust uko chini. Subaru ka hizi ni za watoto

Kama unajieshimu, achana na subaru za watoto, the only subaru we know ni subaru forester. Kama ni 2000cc utanyoroshwa mafuta. Why buy a bittle with nearly same consumption as xtrail?

Premio ni overpriced though.

As you say you have a family, kwanza of 4, that subaru is not worthy

Sema pesa ukonazo tukusaidie

Budget ni 1.4M i dont mind hearing alternative views it is my first car and i dont want to go wrong


Wueeeeeeeh. Enyewe baki tu ukiulizia magari. Advise utapotezana kabisa

Get a wish like me…with 1.2 unaweza leta from Japan - a family car. Ama the Honda version of wish

Kelele za chura hazizui ndovu kunyamba

you mean Axela

Nope…its Honda Stream not mazda

whatever you do, don’t buy a wish like this peasant over here. TF. Ati get a wish…huwa nashangaa why that crap is over a million bob