2007 PEV: Where Were You?

It is sad that such an ugly event happened in our lifetime.

I was doing some part time job at a town in North Rift as a tutor.
Nlienda home, voted and traveled back to my place of work.
The North Rift was ODM damu then. I even wonder why ODM still accuse North Rift natives as tribal while in actual fact, they voted for RAT to the last man.
The first few days after voting were restive, keeping in mind that there rumors of plans to rig by PNU.
Kivuitu (RIP) didn’t help matters by insinuating that the results were being cooked.

On 30th December, everyone was gloomy, but the events that followed the swearing in of Kibaki on Live TV triggered events that I had never seen in my entire life. As if on cue, there were screams all over the neighborhood and houses went up in flames. There were gunshots all over. Luckily, I never saw anyone who had been killed.

Protests continued for a few more days, with all of us holed in our houses. Hakuna scratch card, maziwa, sukari,… basically everyday items were missing form the few shops that were open.

Then Naivasha happened. Gory pictures were being beamed by Al-Jazeera. It was chaotic.

Things started cooling down a week later. Shortly thereafter, a local councillor was arrested on suspicion of planning attacks against PNU supporters. The locals were mad. I hadn’t appreciated the magnitude of the ‘madness’ of the local populace. Mimi huyo kwa kibanda cha Jug Daniels, kukata kiu ya wiki nzima. Kidogo kidogo, naskia marisasi na teargas ikaanza on the other side of town. Kumbe majamaa walienda kudemonstrate police station! Since nilikuwa peripherals za town, nikarelax nikisip kinywaji kiasi comfortable in the knowledge that stress haitafika kwenye niko. A while later, askari walikuwa wamesukuma watu hadi mahali tulikuwa. I only remember seeing a teargas canister flying overhead in slow motion. Adrenaline kicked in. Kuna barbed wire fence niliruka na hata saa hii, I find it incredibly unbelievable that I could jump that high. This was about 6pm.

Ran as fast as I could in a zig zag manner (at the back of mind ati nihepe copper :D:D:D…). Kuruka fence ya pili, nikaland na side. Kumbe spine kidogo ilipata impact, but I didn’t feel it then. Had to run for like five kilometres, afraid that bado nafuatwa. Nikaingia vichochoro vingine sipajui. Needless to say, I got lost in the wilderness. To make matters worse, my back had become painful. Yaani pain hadi unatetemeka… Terrain ilikuwa mteremko. Combine fatigue, darkness, terrain and pain and you will realize I was in real trouble. Saa hizo, it was past 7pm. Simu za torch hazikuwa, na battery ya simu ilikuwa inaenda kuisha (ferk Motorolla C118!). Hata light ilikuwa blue anyway. By God’s grace, I get to the nearest road. Fortunately, someone sympathised with me and helped me walk to my cousin’s house. I arrived at around 8:30pm. He was with his friend. The look on their faces quickly turned from relief to horror, as they realized how bad my shape was. I was in so much pain, hadi kukohoa kidogo, natapika, then getting choked by matapiko (remember Jug Daniels?).

Nikalala kwa bed without supper and in great pain. Usiku, I had to be turned literally. Kufikia morning, Nkaenda hosi. Fortunately, there wasn’t any serious issue, nikapewa painkillers. Kutoka hiyo siku, mahali kuna promise ya teargas, I always make sure I stay as far away as possible.

issa trap… if u know, u know

good lesson and advice

What trap Kaka? Every Kenyan was affected in one way or another… Ama these topics are not to be commented on here?

Hekaya iko on point…

Wah, hapo nimekimbia na wewe kwa akili!

Mimi ile teargas nimekula since 2002 inaweza tengeneza bomb , sadness of E- life.

Pev is jus a reminder of how stupid we as Kenyans can be for our tumbocrat politicians… But kura hii Kenya zimeibiwo hadi tumezoea… Am not voting anymore… I swore that last year

its important to keep the faith!

Mimi teargas nilizoea hapa cbd sana sana side za down town,since sometimes nakuwanga up and down a lot. Usually hawkers vs kanjo. It gets nasty sometimes.

During pev tuliona nairobi kimeumana tukafikiria tuhepee shags. On the way to town every matatu was making a u turn and heading back tukajua cbd au kibera nikunoma. our dere turned around tukarudishwa stage. Ilibidi mzazi atutafutie favour from a coleague to drop us at thika road via runda,kiambu road tukachukulie matatu za shags huko.

Ulikua Munyaka, Mwenderi ama King’ong’o?

PEV was one of Kenya’s darkest moments but we are resilient people, here we are talking about it ten years later.

ilisaidia watu kujuana na kujua sisi sote ni washika dau tuheshimiane.

murkomen unasumbua.

:D:D:D Provisions za democracy. Prior to 2017 elections, residents wa shopping centre karibu na ocha walipanga kudemonstrate against local MP. Report got to the MP, who in turn, informed the police. Wamama kusikia anti riot police wanakuja na teargas wakafurahi sana… Ati hatujawahi kuletewa teargas.:D:D:D. Ati hiyo ni taxes yao inafanya kazi and moreso, ni dawa ya Kiboruskot (migraine):D:D:D. They were disappointed anyway, because it didn’t get to the point of lobbing teargas… Siku hiyo, wamama hawakuona taxes zao zikifanya kazi…

My bro works in Nakuru. He saved a family from Nyanza and forgot about it. Early this year, one of the children he saved sent a message thanking my bro for the kind gesture. We should never allow ourselves back there again.

:D:D:D No. A town in the North Rift. It is equally hilly.

that’s true

Nilukuwa eldy indoors all through my mum being a kale was the only who ventured out to buy stuff like milk.
I heard screams gunshots,some unruly citizens were shot dead by police.

The aftermath in our estate was some cars were burned,madoadoa shops looted,one house torched.